Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered Review

Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered – Another ‘HD Remake’

We are living in an age when developers scarce on fresh ideas consistently hit us consumers with more and more repackaged, albeit in high definition, retellings of our favourite games from an age gone by….but is that such a bad thing? Well it can’t be because the numbers show that as the end consumer we keep buying them! And so we should, there is currently a generation of gamers coming through who potentially missed out on a number of classic titles so in an era where digital downloads make this possible I’m of the opinion as gamers we should embrace these ‘HD remakes’ not neglect them!

Personally I never played AC Rogue back on the Xbox 360 as I had just moved over to the newly released Xbox One and was tied up with that consoles AC release of the much maligned AC Unity! So aside from this being another re-release of an older game I was actually really intrigued to play it having missed out previously, with AC Rogue being the only game in the series to escape my grasp how could I not?

What did I miss?

What I love about the opening to this game is that you are lunged straight in at the deep end, you take on the character of Irishman Shay Patrick Cormac who is already a recognised member of the assassin’s order. After a very brief recap of the control system, 15 minutes at most, you immediately get started with the single player campaign. As a long term AC gamer this was great for me not to have to sit through another retelling of 2 or 3 sequences before your character actually becomes an assassin, now I can stand to be corrected on this but I cannot think of another game in the series with the exception of perhaps AC Syndicate where it jumps straight in like this.

A pirate’s life for me?

Once you have delved into this game it becomes quite apparent, after only half hour of gameplay, that AC Rogue is very much a spin off game from AC Black Flag (despite Chronologically coming before it) with near identical surroundings and a heavy reliance on naval based missions but with that being said is that such a crime? For me personally if I were to rank the AC series then Black flag would likely be third behind AC2 & Origins so I don’t really see any grievance with using the same platform for this short but sweet gem!

Visually the 4K upscale is blatantly apparent particularly when sailing in the Morrigan, often I found myself just allowing the ship to sail in no particular waypoint just to take in the sparkling scenery. AC Rogue is by no means as visually breath taking as AC Origins but it is still a visual pleasure that should be experienced by gamers from a wide spectrum.

How’s the hunt?

If you are like me then you are a self-confessed achievement hunter! There’s just something intoxicating about seeing that Gamerscore rise as you storm your way through another precious platformer! So just how challenging is the list for AC Rogue? Well the short and simple answer is mediocre, by no means are you going to blitz your way to 1000g in a matter of hours there is enough in there to keep you going for some time but as with all AC achievement lists some are going to take some grinding for collectables and certain kills, nonetheless achievements flow smoothly and there’s nothing in there to cause too much frustration.

Star Struck Gaming Rating

Despite a disappointingly short campaign, which in many ways is reflective in the £22.99 price tag, AC Rogue is a thoroughly enjoyable game and with ample , side missions and locations to discover is a must have for any fan of the series that may have missed out on this one previously such as myself, the story despite being short is engaging making Shay a really charismatic character to play including the story twist only 2 sequences in! If like myself you need more of the Assassin’s Creed drug after completing the mind blowing AC Origins then AC Rogue is the fix for you, here’s to hoping for an AC3 remake next ….

  • Visually Stunning
  • Short Campaign
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