Rogue Company Dallas loadout

Rogue Company Dallas Guide and Loadout

The Intel, Dallas, from Rogue Company assists his team by revealing enemies with his Target Finder ability. And in combination with his powerful weapons, he can...

Rogue Company Lancer loadout

Rogue Company Lancer Guide and Loadout

Lancer is the quickest character in Rogue Company allowing her to engage in fast-paced combat. Her ability grants her a temporary increase in speed and her pass...

Rogue Company Ronin loadout

Rogue Company Ronin Guide and Loadout

Ronin is a Duelist character who specializes in close range combat and forcing trades with the enemy. She can throw a ballistic knife to set up an explosive tra...

Rogue Company The Fixer and loadout

Rogue Company The Fixer Guide and Loadout

Being a Sniper, The Fixer excels at dispensing considerable damage in long-range combat. His unique Thermal Vision ability enables him to see the enemy’s heat s...

Rogue Company Dahlia and loadout

Rogue Company Dahlia Guide and Loadout

Dahlia is a unique Support character in Rogue Company with a balanced lineup of weapons and abilities. She assists her team during combat and can connect with o...

Rogue Company characters standing in a line

The Best Rogues to Buy in Rogue Company

For this guide, we will be going over the best characters to buy in Rogue Company based on a few different factors. One of which, will be how unique each Rogue ...

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