Rogue Company Dallas Guide and Loadout

By Zorez Shahzad
Rogue Company Dallas loadout

The Intel, Dallas, from Rogue Company assists his team by revealing enemies with his Target Finder ability. And in combination with his powerful weapons, he can be a great character to play both offensively and defensively. To develop a good understanding of his capabilities here’s a full guide on all his weapons, perks, and tips to play as Dallas.

Dallas’ Loadout


HRM-30KS: The HRM-30KS is an assault rifle packed with lots of power but a slower fire rate. It can deal a hefty amount of damage from any range just as long as you are landing those shots.

Each upgrade of the HRM-30KS will cost $5000. The first upgrade will increase the damage range of the gun from 23 to 27. The second upgrade will increase the hip-fire accuracy. The third upgrade reduces the recoil of the gun by increasing handling from 30 to 37.

Devotion: The Devotion is a ruthless DMR rifle. The body damage of the Devotion is 47, the range is 37, and the reload time is 0.5 seconds.

Each upgrade will cost $5000. With the first upgrade, the bullet penetration increases. The second upgrade increases the magazine size from 6 to 8, and reload time is decreased from 0.5 to 0.35. The third update will nullify damage falloff.


LW6 Revolver: The LW6 is a strong revolver that deals a damage of 36 with a fire rate of 2.8 rounds per minute. This gun also benefits from accuracy having the power to take out an opponent in two shots.

Each upgrade of the LW6 Revolver costs $2000. The First upgrade increases the damage range from 16 to 22 and the second upgrade increases the hip-fire accuracy and improves handling from 47 to 59.

Melee Weapon

Throwing Axe: The Throwing Axe is a fearsome melee weapon that deals a body damage of 40 and throwing damage of 100. Each upgrade of the weapon costs $2000 with the first upgrade increasing the throw speed and the second upgrade increasing the throw damage from 100 to 150.


Rogue Company Incendiary grenade exploded

EMP Grenade: The EMP Grenade is used to prevent enemies from using abilities and gadgets. The first upgrade of the EMP Grenade increases the EMP duration and the second upgrade increases the grenade count by 1. Each upgrade costs $4000.

Incendiary Grenade: The Incendiary Grenade is an excellent gadget that creates a pool of fire upon explosion. It’s one of the most underused gadgets in the game and can be one of the most effective when used strategically. Each upgrade of the Incendiary Grenade costs $4000. The first upgrade increases the radius of the impact and the second upgrade increases the fire duration.

Dallas’ Traits

Rogue Company Dallas using the Target Finder


Target Finder (Active): Target Finder enables Dallas to reveal the closest enemy for a short time to him and his team. While defending, Dallas can use the ability to counter flanks and see which route the enemies are pushing.

Recharge (Passive): The Recharge renews his active ability upon downing an enemy.

Dallas’ Perks

  • Padded Steps silences the sound of footsteps when not sprinting.
  • Berserker gives the ability to reload while sprinting.
  • Stalker removes aim down sight movement speed penalty.
  • Bounce Back reduces health regeneration delay.
  • Headstrong gives an additional 25 armor.
  • Replenish reloads the currently equipped weapon and restores ammunition when downing an enemy.


With Dallas as your Intel guy, make sure you use the Target Finder appropriately. You can use it at the beginning or wait to see where the enemies start positioning themselves. This will help you know their plan early and be able to see their flanking positions.

As for gadgets, use the Incendiary Grenade to force direction changes and to stop enemies from pushing through. The EMP Grenade can also be very useful against players who can revive other teammates.

Overall, Dallas is great for players who can skillfully take cover behind objects and cover all angles. He is excellent with teams that require vision on defense or want to have a counter to flanks and is an adaptable choice for most team compositions.

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