Rogue Company Dahlia Guide and Loadout

By Zorez Shahzad
Rogue Company Dahlia and loadout

Dahlia is a unique Support character in Rogue Company with a balanced lineup of weapons and abilities. She assists her team during combat and can connect with one of her teammates to revive them from a distance in case they go down.

And although she is there for support, she can additionally play a more active role in the squad and attack from any range. However, Dahlia can be somewhat of a learning curve. So here is a full guide on her weapons, abilities, and tips on how to play.

Dahlia’s Loadout


Objection: The Objection is an SMG type weapon and is one her primary weapons. The gun has the highest fire rate of any weapon in the game. It has the lowest range and weakest damage if we compare it with other SMGs, but the fire rate compensates for it.

According to statistics, Objection’s body damage is 11, the range is 9, magazine size is 30 rounds, fire rate is 16.67, handling is 35, and the reload time is 1.35 seconds.

Each upgrade costs $5000. With the first upgrade, the recoil is reduced, and handling is improved from 35 to 38. With the second upgrade, the reload speed increases, and the reload time is enhanced from 1.35 to 1.05 seconds. With the third upgrade, the damage range increases from 9 to 12 and the firing is suppressed.

MX-R: MX-R is a DMR type weapon and is the second primary weapon of Dahlia. It is one of the most versatile weapons featured in the game. It is suitable for the far, medium and even close-ranged encounters in some cases. This gun will take two shots to the head, and three shots to the body at an ideal shooting range.

According to the stats, MX-R’s body damage is 32, the range is 31, magazine size is 13 rounds, fire rate is 5, handling is 34, and the reload time is 2 seconds.

Each upgrade costs $5000. The first upgrade increases the magazine size from 12 to 18. The second upgrade increases the damage range from 31 to 38. With the third upgrade, the handling is improved from 34 to 41, resulting in reduced recoil. The firing is also suppressed.


Executioner: The Executioner is a pistol type weapon and is featured as the secondary weapon of Dahlia. The body damage of the Executioner is 32, the range is 15, magazine size is 12 rounds, fire rate is 4.44, handling is 28, and the reload time is 2 seconds.

Each upgrade costs $2000. The first upgrade increases the magazine size from 12 to 16. The second upgrade increases the hip-fire accuracy and reduces recoil resulting in improved handling from 28 to 34.

Melee Weapon

Katana: The Katana is Dahlia’s melee weapon. It is razor-sharp and causes a lot of damage. Katana’s body damage is 40, the throw damage is 100 and swing rate is 2.22.

Each upgrade costs $2000. With the first upgrade, the throw damage increases from 100 to 125 and with the second upgrade, the body damage increase from 40 to 50.


Smoke Grenade: Smoke Grenade is a gadget used by Dahlia. It releases a dense cloud of smoke which obscures sight. Each upgrade will cost $4000. The first upgrade increases the smoke duration and reduces enemy speed in the smoke. The second upgrade increases the grenade count by 1.

Grenade: The Grenade is Dahlia’s second gadget. It will destroy enemies within 2 meters of the impact. Also, the explosion is loud and can be heard from a long distance, and it attracts attention. The first upgrade increases the radius of the blast and the second upgrade increases the damage to 125. Each upgrade costs $4000.

Dahlia’s Traits

Dahlia Reviving teammate with ability

Danger Close (Active): Danger Close is Dahlia’s active ability and allows her to connect with an allied Rogue for the duration of the round. It enables her to revive them from a distance whenever they go down as long as she is near enough to her ally.

The handy revive power will only be interrupted if her partner is killed during the revival. It’s helpfup because it can be sneaky and reduces the chances of the resurrection being spotted by the opposition.

Buddy System (Passive): Dahlia’s passive ability is the Buddy System. It enables Dahlia to inherit her ally’s passive ability for the duration of the round. For example, by connecting with Dallas, Dahlia will be able to recharge her Danger Close ability upon killing an enemy. This ability is round based, but it offers excellent defensive and offensive options.

Dahlia’s Perks

  • Shredder Rounds add more damage to weapons and allows Dahlia to carry more ammunition.
  • Cloaked immunes Dahlia from being revealed by the enemies.
  • Tenacity reduces the damage caused by explosives.
  • Stalker removes aim down sights movement speed penalty.
  • Lifeline enables Dahlia to revive teammates faster and start their health regeneration immediately.
  • Replenish enables her to reload the currently equipped weapon and restore ammunition by downing an enemy.


Dahlia about to throw a grenade at an opponent

There are three ways you can decide to use your link while playing as Dahlia. The first and the most obvious one is to link with somebody who has the passive abilities that you want. The best current passives to connect for are Lancer for the roll reload, Saint for the additional health on a revive, or Trench for the double gadgets.

You can also link to somebody who you know you want to revive. So this could be someone like your bomb planter. You can also choose to link up with someone you want to pair up with during the play. All of this depends on the situation of the play. Dahlia is not recommended for newer players as a lot of gameplay knowledge and skills are required to utilize this power-packed character entirely.

You can play aggressively as well. Both her guns are magnificent, but focus more on using grenades and to try to flush people out of positions. Push heavily and try to beam people. The biggest tip for Dahlia is to understand the versatility of the character and to not limit to one playing style or mindset.

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