Rogue Company Lancer Guide and Loadout

By Zorez Shahzad
Rogue Company Lancer loadout

Lancer is the quickest character in Rogue Company allowing her to engage in fast-paced combat. Her ability grants her a temporary increase in speed and her passive automatically reloads her gun during a dodge roll.

With this, she can be a deadly rogue when you stay lay low and act swiftly. To get the most out of this Rogue, here is a full guide on her weapons, abilities, and perks.

Lancer’s Loadout


24S: The 24S is an SMG type weapon featured as one of the primary weapons of Lancer. The body damage is 15, the range is 10.5, magazine size is 24 rounds, fire rate is 11.36, handling is 24, and the reload time is 1.35 seconds.

Each upgrade of the 24S costs $5000. The first upgrade increases hip-fire accuracy. The second upgrade increases the damage range from 10.5 to 13.5. The third and final upgrade increases the magazine size from 24 to 34 rounds.

Striker 8×10: The Striker 8×10 is an automatic shotgun that can be vital to destroy enemies in close encounters. According to the stats, the striker’s body damage is 7.5, the range is 6, magazine size is 8 rounds, fire rate is 3.57, handling is 23, and the reload time is 2.47 seconds.

The upgrade cost is $5000. The first upgrade increases the damage range from 6 to 8, the second upgrade increases the hip-fire accuracy, and the third upgrade increases the magazine size from 8 to 12 rounds.


Spitfire: The Spitfire is a state-of-the-art automatic pistol and one of the most versatile secondary weapons of the game. Its body damage is 16, the range is 9, magazine size is 15 rounds, fire rate is 10, handling is 29, and the reload time is 1.6 seconds.

Each upgrade of Spitfire costs $2000. The first upgrade increases the magazine size from 15 to 20 and the second upgrade reduces reticle bloom to improve handling from 29 to 35.

Melee Weapon

Throwing Axe: The Throwing Axe is a fearsome weapon of Lancer’s. The body damage of the axe is 40, the throwing damage is 100, and swing rate is 2.22. Each upgrade of the weapon costs $2000. The first upgrade increases the throw speed and the second upgrade increases the throw damage from 100 to 150.


Smoke Grenade: The Smoke Grenade releases a dense cloud of smoke that obscures sight. Each upgrade will cost $4000. The first upgrade increases the smoke duration and reduces enemy speed in the smoke. The second upgrade increases the grenade count by 1.

Semtex Grenade: The Semtex Grenade sticks to surfaces and people before exploding. Each upgrade of the grenade costs $4000. The first upgrade increases the throw speed and stuck damage to 250 and the second upgrade increases the explosion radius.

Lancer’s Traits

Rogue Company Lancer Quick and Quiet ability

Quick and Quiet (Active): Quick and Quiet enables Lancer to gain increased movement speed, quieter movement, and immunity against reveal for the duration or until firing a weapon. She can move quickly and defeat a distracted enemy without making any noise. However, the deactivation of the ability when she fires her gun is a significant downside.

Elusive (Passive): Lancer’s Passive ability Elusive allows her to activate dodge roll reloads for the currently equipped weapon. It is one of the best passive skills and gives a massive advantage over enemies during one-on-one encounters.

Lancer’s Perks

  • Padded Steps silences the sound of footsteps when not sprinting.
  • Shredder Rounds adds more damage to weapons and allows Lancer to carry more ammunition.
  • Stalker removes aim down sights movement speed penalty.
  • Helping Hand allows Lancer to revive teammates faster.
  • Tracker Rounds will reveal enemies damaged with a firearm to her team on the map.
  • Life Drain will heal Lancer for a considerable amount in short duration when killing an enemy.


One tip for Lancer is to use her size to your advantage by crouching. In a close one-on-one encounter, crouch and move left to right. This will make you hard to hit since she is so small.

After you get your first SMG upgrade which increases your hip-fire accuracy, you don’t always have to aim down sights unless you are shooting medium range. As long as you are crouching and standing still it will be pretty accurate and can be faster to start shooting right away.

Another tip when playing Lancer is to not always play the objective directly. Lancer is not meant to push the objective head-on or sit on the objective and defend it for long periods. This doesn’t mean it is something she can’t do; it’s just not her strong suit.

Lancer is best at flanking around the enemy team to get behind them and is the best character in the game to do so. If you are playing demolition and are pushing the objective while the enemy team is locked down on that objective, you want to go around the map to pop up behind the enemies to surprise them. If appropriately utilized, she can win rounds like this single-handedly.

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