The Best Rogues to Buy in Rogue Company

Rogue Company characters standing in a line

For this guide, we will be going over the best characters to buy in Rogue Company based on a few different factors. One of which, will be how unique each Rogue is compared to the free characters. This way you won’t have to feel like you’ve wasted your hard-earned Reputation or Rogue Bucks on someone similar you’ve already had.

4. Talon

Rogue Company Talon screenshot and stats

Starting off with Talon, as part of the Intel class, he is a very balanced character with abilities that are fitting for Demolition and Extraction. His Radar Dart reveals enemies on your radar where it was placed in the area. This works great when guarding the objective to see if there are enemies coming from a certain point or if they are at the bomb.

Plus, Talon has C4 so you could use it with the dart and try to activate the C4 when you see the enemy next to it on your radar. However, the range of the dart is not that far so it’s not as easy to see opponents like with Dallas. But, it lasts for the entire time that it is placed unless someone destroys it. Overall, Talon can be a worthy Rogue to buy if you enjoy the Demolition-type game modes.

3. Lancer

Lancer is not the most unique character in the game, but what she does have can help win fights unlike any other. Her primary ability allows for increased speed, quieter movement, and staying hidden to reveals for a duration or until firing. This character was basically made for flanking which can help in pretty much all game modes.

But not only that, her passive is also one of the best for winning close fights. The ability Elusive makes it so every time you dodge roll it will reload your weapon. This makes reloading so much faster and puts you in a less vulnerable position so you can just unleash the clips of your SMG on any opponent that comes your way. She is a great choice to unlock if you love playing fast-paced and going for high kills.

2. The Fixer

Rogue Company The Fixer screenshot with Thermal Vision

If you’re a fan of sniping it can be disappointing that there is no free option to snipe when you first start the game. But that’s one of the reasons why The Fixer is a great Rogue to unlock. At the moment, he is only the second sniper in the game. But in my opinion, he has the better weapon.

Named Tyr, his bolt-action rifle is able to deal 60 body damage whereas Phantom’s can deal 70. The main difference is that the Tyr can be fired twice before reloading. This makes it much easier to complete a down when hitting body shots. It also works very well with his passive where it slows down enemies when you damage them with a firearm.

His primary ability in conjunction with his smoke grenade can also help in tight situations. For a duration, you’re able to see enemy heat signatures which works through smoke. However, this is very similar to Phantom’s Nano Smoke ability which also reveals enemies in smoke.

1. Dahlia

Rogue Company Dahlia holding gun with light

Coming out on top is Dahlia in the Support class. Although, with her solid loadout and flexible ability she can do much more than just provide assistance. She currently holds the gun with the fastest fire rate in the game making her extremely deadly in close-combat. But if a longer-ranged weapon is in need you can opt for her secondary the MX-R DMR which can still deal some hefty damage.

But what truly puts Dahlia at number one is her passive ability the Buddy System. This works with her main ability which allows her to link to an ally for a round to be able to revive them when activating within 30m. But with the passive, she also takes on her ally’s passive for the round. This allows you to constantly be changing your ability and adapt to the map and your opponents.

This makes Dahlia definitely worth unlocking since it allows you access to a component of each Rogue in the game. This means you’d be able to gain passives like Lancer’s to reload when rolling, The Fixer’s to slow down enemies when damaging them, or Chaac’s increased health and ability to dodge roll when downed.

The only downside is that you don’t have total control of what you will get, especially when playing with randoms. But either way, Dahlia would be an excellent addition to your set of Rogues. Check out this Dahlia guide to learn more about her weapons and tips.

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