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God Of War PS4 Game Review – Thor Can Hand Over His Hammer Now

Hi Star Struck fans with the E3 expo just around the corner we are going to take you in to a world that was shown at E3 last year, the world of the God Of War PS4 game.

god of war ps4 game Troll Fight

So I suppose your expecting the obvious from this review, the usual rant about how the graphics are amazing, the world is awesome, the gameplay is slicker than an oiled up Snake, even though all this is true I will get into more detail about these later on in this article but what really sets this game head and shoulders above anything recently released is the story.

The God Of War PS4 game was no rush job

This is something that genuine love and commitment has been poured in to by the bucket load, from heartbreak to horror to revelations and action this game has it all this is also helped greatly along by the amazing voice acting that fits seamlessly in to the game, when Kratos talks you will think yes that is exactly what I believe he would sound like if he was a real person a tough, stern, no nonsense person who has trouble showing any empathy or sympathy to anyone including his son.

god of war ps4 game Atreus

Kratos’ son Atreus is the complete opposite of his father a very quiet child with poor skills for hunting and fighting and appears to be susceptible to illness easily and you genuinely feel the bonds being strained between them at the very beginning of the game i am not ruining anything for you when I say this bond grows during the game and I can confidentially say that by the end of the game your heart will be in your mouth and your jaw will be on the floor. Th God of War PS4 game will keep you playing in to the small hours on the basis of the story alone, you will need to know whats happens next, who is that person? where are we going next? how did that happen? and be sure to have you charge cable ready for your PS4 controller as the possibility of having to stop playing slap bang in the middle of an important plot part will keep you awake at night.

god of war ps4 game open world

Where it all began…

The game Begins in Midgard, a place where Kratos and his son now call home we step in to the game at the moment where Kratos and Atreus have cremated his wife, immediately you will be taken back at how crisp, clean and immersive the graphics are, many times I found myself stopping just to pan the camera and really take in the effort that had been put in to these characters and environments.

A training exercise with Atreus is used as a basic tutorial to get you used the moves and interactions you can perform from climbing, opening chests, minor puzzle solving and of course fighting. During the tutorial it is obvious that Kratos is still mean and strong bu something unexpected has happened…..he has aged. Fights seem to take more out of him and recovery takes a little while but his fighting is helped by the use of the Leviathan axe basically the frost weapon equivalent of Thor’s Hammer, throw it and inflict frost damage and call it back usually leaving its unfortunate target in pieces on the floor, Kratos is also aided by his retractable shield which does not only deflect but also can be used to strike foes with serious aggression.

god of war ps4 game Kratos and Atreus

Knock knock!

The God of War PS4 game really starts with a knock at your cabin door a small this blue Tattooed bearded man stands in front of you and taunts you to the point where Kratos strikes him after numerous warnings, i am not going to ruin it or you but lets say a unexpected beginning of game battle occurs that could shake the pillars of Heaven and does leave its mark on the land this eventually leads to you leaving your home to spread the ashes of your dearly departed from the highest point in the realm but this may not be where you think it is.

As you make your way through this world drenched in Norse Mythology you will meet people that will be willing to help you,for a small favour of course, Sindri and Brok are two Dwarven brothers that both helped make the Leviathan Axe but have had a falling out over something and constantly try to out do each other by upgrading Kratos and Atreus armour and weaponry allowing them to do more damage and have relic stones placed in them to allow more abilities that assist you in taking down all the creatures that will try to stop you on your quest.

god of war ps4 game open world

These creatures range from Flaming Dragurs, Hel-walkers quite literally straight from Hell its self. Dragons,giant trolls,wolves,soul eaters, Renevants (basically a witch which can cause poison damage and summon creatures to assist them), Dark Elves and Travellers to name a few all have their own attacks and strengths and weaknesses and this is where upgrading Atreus skills and armour really comes in to play and becomes and essential element of the game and not just a gimmick.

What are your travel plans?

The journey you take in the God of War PS4 game is not all set on foot there are boats, lifts, rock climbing and a part of the game that is straight out of the Brendan Frasier Mummy Returns film ( trust me you will know it when you see it) and as you traverse this journey you will find yourself at one point literally in a Hell as well as crossing the lake of the Nine realms, Wild woods, Iron Cove and the Mountain just to name a few. Your journey also involves travelling to realms to complete favours and get guidance on your quest all this is done by the aid of the Bifrost and the tree of life which you are taken to by a friendly witch who is more than she seems, a familiar face also appears in one of the realms that again will make you want to play more to find out exactly what is happening.

god of war ps4 game trail

I’m truly puzzled

The puzzles in the game are well executed with nothing ridiculously brain taxing that will cause you to put the game on the shelf as you have been stuck there for so long there just seems no way forward if you search and look hard enough and take advantage of the skills and your moves you have the answers eventually become clear and you will be slapping your forehead at how obvious it was.

god of war ps4 game Kratos

The gameplay in the God of War PS4 game is first rate; the moves are easy to accomplish and look amazing as enemies explode in to balls of fire or frozen crystals and of course you still have Kratos finishers where he gets up close and personal to tear a creature apart or hit it so hard with his Axe it splits in two and is quickly followed by decapitation, even bringing Atreus in to the fight is simple with a push of the Square button he will shoot arrows at surrounding foes giving you sometimes much needed breathing space or the distraction needed to give you the upper hand in a fight with a creature twice your size, never once did i blame the controls in this game if i died it was because of my own carelessness or the fact I was trying to take down a monster beyond my current abilities.

Kratos’ armour plays a big part in the game depending what you equip will up his strength or his vitality or his luck the higher the equipment piece the faster you will level up and be able to unlock new abilities. The detail on the costumes and armour you equip on Kratos and Atreus is truly amazing right down to the last detail.

Finished the main story? You bet ya there’s more

Sometimes in the God Of War PS4 game you may find yourself restricted to where you can venture some people can find this annoying but I believe that if this had been made into an open world you would have lost interest and missed out on a truly amazing game, there is just enough content and side quests to keep you coming back to investigate with that excited feeling you are about to find something but it does not take you miles away from your main quest and like i stated before to miss out on this story would be a travesty, I Purposely have not given to much away in this review as the experience in discovering things yourself is part of the charm and would be a shame to ruin it for you.

god of war ps4 game Atreus Bow

Star Struck Gaming Rating

So I hope I have wet your appetite, if you have not purchased and played the God Of War PS4 game yet it truly is a masterpiece in gaming from the incredible graphics and how different the realms all look to the characters you meet and the dialogue that seems to flow effortlessly from the actors you will not be disappointed, if Santa Monica Studios continue to produce games of this quality then the single player market has a very prosperous future ahead of it.

So until the next time Star Stuck fans be safe, be careful and game whenever you can.

Highly Recommended

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