Hidden Agenda PS4 Review – Can You Solve The Mystery?

I’m sure I speak for many gamers when I say I’m loving it (no, not McDonald’s), I’m loving the era of gaming we’re in where developers are keeping the varied audience of gamers in mind and creating games that appeal to everyone. VR and the PS4 PlayLink series are some of those new ways of thinking outside the box that I’m talking about – with Hidden Agenda being one of these games that push new boundaries.


Hidden Agenda – You’ve never heard of PlayLink?

Before we get into the nitty gritty about what the game is about, let’s first explain Play link for PS4 in a nutshell; essentially to play any of the PlayLink titles you normally need at least two players (on some occasions three). You will need to download the Play link app for the particular game you’re playing on a compatible smart phone or tablet. You use a combination of your phone and looking up at the screen to make selections that’ll have some sort of impact in the game, whether that’s a choice, answering a question, or many other interactions.

You’ll usually work together or against each other to progress through the game.

Enough about playLink, what’s Hidden Agenda about!?

Okay okay, now let’s get down to business. Hidden Agenda requires a minimum of two people to hunt down the infamous ‘Trapper Killer’ in this choice-based crime thriller. I say choice because throughout the story you’ll be asked questions and depending on the answer you give will impact how the story progresses. Will you lie or tell the thuth? Will you choose to save someone or instead save yourself? It’s all down to you.

Multiple story lines

I have played this game both with a group of lads, and then I took it for a spin with my wife, both occasions resulted in different story lines completely and of course this resulted in very different end scenarios too. Although i must admit I was a little shocked when on my first play through as I didn’t expect the ending, nor did I expect it to end as early as it did.

Lightning-fast reactions

As well as answering questions players will need to work together to find clues around certain areas by using a magnifying glass – bear in mind this is timed. If someone is escaping the scene  of the crime and you choose to run after them, if they jump over an obstacle be prepared as you may needed to react promptly to leap the same obstacle or risk falling and them getting away.

Can you tell a lie from reality?

When you’re trying to find the Trapper Killer, you’ll need to be a good detective in order to interview a suspect successfully – it’s hard to tell whether they’re telling the truth. To make matters worse, if the person your’re teamed up with decides they disagree with your decision it could cvause a little friction between you!

Temptation gets the better of you

When I completed my first play through I was surprised at how it ended, and with that in mind this game keeps you wanting more. I just had to play it again with someone else to find out the alternate paths the storyline would go, and as I write this there are still endings i haven’t even seen yet.

Star Struck Gaming Rating

Overall I really enjoyed the concept of the game, the story was gripping, graphics were visually stunning, and following the first play through I was hooked. one thing that did let this down for me was the length of the game, in addition to the fact that there are certain points of the game where your reaction really count – if you miss something because of the speed of your reactions, it could mean the story going in a direction you’ve already seen and there’s no way of going back unless you restart. the whole game.

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