Monster Hunter: World Review

Monster Hunter. A game which i’m proud to admit has taken up way too much of my time over the past few years. I’m nowhere near a Monster Hunter aficionado compared to some of my friends who have played the series, but i’ve easily racked up over 250 hours between Monster Hunter 3 and 4 on the 3DS.

Monster Hunter World does what it says on the tin!

With that being said, my total playtime for Monster Hunter World is over 100 hours so far and i’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s available.

In terms of gameplay, The name says it all really. You hunt monsters.

To many, it just seems like a convoluted grind and endless list of quests, but therein lies the fun. You see, on going through these quests, you are taking on more and more powerful monsters, all while gathering resources from endemic life like bugs, spider webs, fish and more, to fungi and fauna of all different types.

I heard you have to collect stuff?

The main crux of this collecting is monster materials. There’s nothing more satisfying than taking on a giant monster (solo or with friends in a 4 player party), finally taking down that one git that’s been troubling you for ages and then harvesting its body for parts to make armour out of said monster parts.

Yes, it does sound slightly sadistic, but as I said, it’s all part of the fun, taking on more powerful monsters to craft even better gear is a joy as far as i’m concerned and is made all the better with the game’s accessibility.

So how do I find a monster?

It’s now easier than ever to track and find monsters using the game’s mechanic of Scout flies. Gone are the bain of every Monster Hunter – paintballs. No more throwing paintballs at monsters for tracking! The more prints and tracks you collect of a monster, the more information you gather about that monster and it all gets added to your hunter notes – the game’s equivalent of following a wiki.

This alone makes Monster Hunter easier in that you don’t have to keep a wiki open elsewhere during your playtime, with just a simple press of the options button to find out a monster’s whereabouts, weaknesses and breakable parts.

The world of Monster Hunter is now one huge piece of land, with moving area to area becoming streamlined without the need for loading times between areas. While each quest could take half hour or more, less time is spent between areas due to no load times, which is a blessing in disguise for us old Monster Hunter fans.

Star Struck Gaming Rating

I cannot recommend Monster Hunter enough, even if the grind puts you off. Alone, the game can become fun in amongst itself, as long as you can put aside the ‘rinse and repeat’ ideology. If you’ve got a couple of friends to play along with however, the stories created by this game and it’s luscious world are something to behold.

Highly Recommended

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