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10 of the BEST PS3 Games

Have you ever sat down with a friend and had a debate on which were the best PlayStation Games, specifically games on the PS3? I’ve put together a list of the top 10 PS3 games available on the PlayStation games console (in my opinion). Take a look through the PS3 list of games below to see if you spot any of your favourites.

1. Heavy Rain

An award-winning, choice progression, insanely graphically detailed masterpiece. A game that takes a while to install, asks you to look in the game case for a piece of paper for an on-screen origami tutorial has the player in mind.

2. Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception

Although 2 is regarded as the best we thought we’d put Uncharted 3 in our list as It’s the climax of the Nathan Drake story (for the PS3, who else is excited for Uncharted 4!). Uncharted 3 also gave us a look into Drake’s origins which made us love the character even more.

3. Killzone

Killzone 1 has been given a complete HD remake for the PS3, which sees world space warfare in its prime. With stunning visuals, multiplayer mayhem, and a cinematic story experience, Killzone was a real hit for the exciting trilogy.
4. Little Big Planet
Who says Little Big Planet should be on a PS3 games list for kids? Not me! Sack Boy made sure this colourful, weird and wonderful adventure title delivered just the right ingredients for an intriguing and puzzling gaming experience.

5. Dead Space

Carrying on with futuristic space gameplay is Deadspace, this one is not for the faint-hearted. With a terrifying alien presence on board the in game vessel, this is one action game you won’t want to play in the dark.

6. The Last Of Us

The Naughty Dog’s predecessor of the remake on the PS4, The Last Of Us is a graphically pleasing role player with an addictive, emotional, gotta plough through the storyline gameplay dynamic. Logical thinking is often required throughout the game, while son and daughter help each other to progress.

7. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots

Being a follower of the Metal Gear franchise since its launch on the PS1 in 1998, this release had to have a place in my top 10 PS3 games.
Since its release in 2012, the PS3 exclusive has sold over 4.33 million copies and became part of the Greatest Hits series less than a year after launch.
I think it’s safe to say if this became a cross-console digital release the total copies would far exceed the figure above.

8. Red Dead Redemption

Who doesn’t like PlayStation game with a GTA feel, but on horse-back!? I know I did. Rockstar definitely struck gold in the Wild West with this one, giving players the choice of doing right from wrong as a former outlaw.

9. Fallout 3

I basically didn’t have a life when this game hit the shelves, with such huge terrain to cover, side ops and collectables, Fallout 3 was money well spent on a game that promised to combine action with adventure from the famous Pip Boy.
10. Grand Theft Auto 5

Guns, gangs, and a baseball bat, would you expect anything less of a GTA game? When GTA 5 was released players were treated to an array of tools let’s say to complete the fun but challenging missions that were on offer throughout the game.
Yes that seagull did just steal a car.
I’m sure all you readers will have your own opinions on your top 10 PS3 games, so comment below with a list of all your favourites.

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I've been a gamer ever since I was old enough to hold a controller, early 90's to be exact. My first console was a NES, with my favourite games ranging from Super Mario to Duck Hunt. Fast forward almost 30 years and I'm now a PS4, PC and Switch player. My ideal genres are RPG and RTS titles, so Assassin's Creed, Kingdom Hearts, Viv 6 and Two Point Hospital are included in my mix.

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