10 WTF Moments In Metal Gear Solid

As you’ll have read from my previous blogs, I’m a bit of a groupie for the Metal Gear franchise. With that in mind, I’ve chosen to focus on some, let’s say interesting moments from the game on the ps1.

1. The Psycho Mantis controller switch

Remember the all-famous boss battles that you’d get to encounter throughout the game, each having a different way of defeating them. I certainly remember the creepy Psycho Mantis battle. What was special about that one you ask? This guy could read your mind, meaning he always had the upper hand, as he’d know your next move, not if you plugged the controller into port 4! Sounded crazy, but when you called Campbell several times, he obviously got sick of you calling and said to plug into socket 4 – that worked.

2. The code is on the case

Following the battle with Revolver Ocelot there’s a cut scene where Baker admits to giving up his launch code for Metal Gear, but funnily enough can’t remember what it was when Snake asks for it. Baker then blurts out that it’s on the back of the CD case, and like me you probably thought ”what”? As he says, yep there it was, the code on the back of the ps1 game case.

3. A cigar and a sensor

You’ve got laser beams that, by walking through, either set off poison gas (normally meaning game over) or raise the alert meaning you’re in pretty serious trouble too. But how can you get through without being able to see the lasers? Simple – by lighting up a cigarette, and using the smoke to expose the beams.

4. If in doubt, use ketchup!

Standing naked in a prison cell can’t be good for anyone’s health, or dignity for that matter. Snake had no weapons, and pretty much nothing of any use to get past a guard. The guard has to dash off with a bad case of stomach cramps let’s say, and Otacon comes to the rescue with… ketchup, but no keys. After thinking about it, we were quick to realise what that was for – you guessed it. Lie down and squirt the ketchup and play dead. Guard comes in, opens the door, and bingo, escape time.

5. It’s electrifying’

Metal Gear took ‘button bashing’ to a whole new level. When Snake was up for a torture run, you were given the choice to give up, or try and resist by beating the daylights out of the action button. Naturally the latter was more fun.

6. Check out that ass

Pure genius in every sense of the phrase saw Snake needing to find a female soldier dressed exactly the same as the male soldiers around a heavily guarded base. But how the heck do you tell them apart? By checking out their butt! By using first person view mode, find the right shaped butt and a lady’s walk; Meryl was introduced into the game based on her below the waist assets.

7. I think my heart just stopped

In the second half of the game, Snake receives an emergency call from his trusty pal Otacon. Following getting an elevator working, and just when you think things are going well Snake is told that 4 stealth suits are missing, followed by finding out the elevator isn’t actually empty – but there’s four invisible guys in there with you! I felt the shivers down my spine when that one came in.

8. Insert disc 2, what!?

After defeating Sniper Wolf, you’d head further into the depths of the base to be greeted by a strange message ”please insert disc 2” whaaa? I thought ”this game is that big it’s split across two discs?” Although not completely a one-off for the ps1, it was definitely a first for me, and the fact you opened the disc cover and the game didn’t crash was pretty clever too.

9. I thought he’d never give up

After being knocked from the top of Metal Gear, and then shot at, Liquid Snake never seemed to give up, just like the T-1000 he just kept coming back. Luckily it was Fox Dye that appeared to get him in the end, or so we thought!

10. A scent to fall for

During the game Solid Snake has no choice but to pass through a cave full of hungry wolves that are pretty vicious to say the least. Understandably, the best approach here is to leg it through as fast as possible. When you have to go back through later in the game, after obtaining Sniper Wolf’s handkerchief, you were able to equip it and love hearts would appear above the wolves heads meaning they wouldn’t attack.
Have a favourite wtf moment I’ve not included? Comment below and let us know yours.

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