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Pokemon Go March 2019 Research Tasks


Last year there were some great new features which were added to Pokemon Go in addition to the release of Pokemon lets Go, and one of the most interesting was that of the Pokemon Go research quests. With that in mind we’re going to be guiding you towards the Pokemon Go March 2019 Research Tasks, rewards you get from breakthroughs and much more.

Players can choose to complete one of many field research task challenges, which will result in being provided with some awesome breakthrough rewards. Players can also undertake special research tasks which can result in unearthing some new Pokemon – one of these is an old favourite as Mew.

Every month the tasks you need to carry out as part of the Pokemon Go research quests will vary, so we saw the Legendary birds being the centre of attention for the first three months which resulted in these Pokemon being the breakthrough reward during this period. it’s been pretty cool with the theme corresponding to Moltres with fire-type tasks, but enough about what we’ve seen – lets crack on with the Pokemon Go March 2019 Research Tasks instead!

Pokemon Go March 2019 Research Tasks and their corresponding breakthrough rewards

The theme this month will be exactly the same as that of the first two months this year with the Breakthrough research rewards being that of one of many legendaries for your troubles, specifically those that have made a Pokemon Go research appearance in previous months.

Amongst the Pokemon Go March 2019 Research Tasks breakthrough rewards are the following Pokemon: Registeel, Lugia, Regice, Regirock, Ho-oh, Entai, Raiku and Suicine. There doesn’t seem to be a set Pokemon type as it stands, Pokestop rewards often correspond to the Pokemon type in the reward but that’s not the case right now as there’s many available.

Thanks to the post within Reddit a thread from MilumiGermany we’ve got an idea of what the Pokemon Go March 2019 Research Tasks and rewards will be – along with the introduction of a new spinda state.

Pokemon Go March 2019 Research Tasks broken down

If you don’t know anything about the Pokemon Go research tasks, they’re basically quests that you will obtain each time you ping a Pokestop – this can be anything from winning a battle to catching a specific Pokemon.

You will find the task given at a pokestop varies every day, and the reward you get as a result can also vary greatly. Rewards can range from Poke Balls and Rare Candy through to TMs (new moves for your Poke buddies).

Here’s a few types of Pokemon Go Research tasks

  • Obtain, incubate and hatch a specified amount of eggs
  • Visit a set amount of pokestops
  • Using the number given, evolve that amount of Pokemon
  • Face a gym battle a specific amount of times
  • catch certain Pokemon types such as 5x Grass-type Pokemon
  • Find and catch the required Pokemon i.e. 4 Grimers or 3 Weedles
  • Hit Nice, Great, or Excellent throws based on the target number
  • Participate in the specified number of Raids

Pokemon Go Research task tips

The above quests can be a majority of straightforward to complete and doing so could also earn you a shot at claiming a mystery Pokemon. It will be research task dependent, but you may get a chance at catching rare Pokemon such as Chansey or a Tangela (among others).

Do bear in mind that each month like the Pokemon Go March 2019 Research Tasks that the tasks and rewards will differ. Catching 5x a certain pokemon for example could see a basic reward of poke Balls with the possibility of swiping a mystery Pokemon. Should you be seeking a certain creature it’s worth ensuring you grab the variant which will result in your reward being that particular Pokemon.

After you’ve visited a Pokestop to collect a task you have the option to discard it to then revisit the Pokestop to try another. There’s no set limit to how many you do per day so don’t be shy to visit a pokestop multiple times as long as your inventory space allows. Do bear in mind though you’ll likely grab the same quest if you revisit the same pokestop, the research task reqards will vary by location and are swapped out at midnight every day. If you keep getting the same research tasks you’ll need to find a different one.

Pokemon Go Research Breakthroughs in a nutshell

Every time you complete a Pokemon go Research task you’ll get a shiny new stamp, and if you equate to seven of these by completing a full week of stamps you will achieve a research breakthrough – nice work.

Unlike average rewards these will  provide the chance to catch a Legendary or at least a rare Pokemon, and additionally give you mystery equipment and Stardust. Aside from the above you will also nab a shot at Berries, 3000 XP, a Sinnoh stone, Poke Balls and Rare Candy for your efforts.

Fortunately Research breakthrough catch attempts aren’t going anywhere, with your Pokemon encounter having a zero chance of fleeing which means you can take your sweet time catching. The catch rate is about average so you’re often gonna have to work hard for your catch. Make sure to make use of your Pinap Berries and wear the creature down without worrying about time-constraints.The Pokemon that you encounter will additionally come equipped with some powerful IVs, similar to what you’d see in an egg or what’d pop up during a raid. Each of the creatures you face will come in at level fifteen, essentially matching the Pokemon that would appear as a result of standard research task rewards.

Following the claiming of the reward from your final research quest, you will see that your research breakthrough progress updates to show the special reward Pokemon. There’s no harm in finishing the quest, but do ensure you wait until after 1pm GMT on the 1st day of the month to claim the corresponding reward. If you wait this will see the special research reward screen appear in front of you.

If you don’t wait til after the time mentioned above you will get the previous month’s reward so taking June 2018 as an example the reward was Articuno, wait until after the time mentioned and you’d get July’s reward which was Snorlax. Further drilling down, this means after your tasks is completed and unopened. If you then open the reward after the changeover you’d still get the previous month’s creature. So stick with the safe option by waiting until the new month begins to ensure you’re getting the most recent Pokemon.

Pokemon Go special research tasks – the cream of the crop

Finally we delve into Pokemon Go special research tasks, these tasks offer some unique rewards and rely on story-related quests. These tasks are different to average research tasks in that the goals required are less flexible and will show up less often. A Mythical discovery is one of the very first available special tasks, with the reward for your efforts being Mew (one of the game’s most sought after Pokemon).

In order to complete the Mythical Discovery quest unlocking Mew will require completion of 8 tasks, diving into Gym and Raid fights in addition to reaching a specified trainer level and catching certain Pokemon are among these.

It does look as though a variety of other mythical Pokemon will follow suit, with Celebi and potentially Jirachi (a Gen 3 creature) having the same requirements. Mythical-only Pokemon won’t be the only Pokemon type being released, with Spiritomb releasing slightly differently as an example.

Pokemon Go March 2019 Research Tasks – making your quests a little smoother

If you really want to make the most of the Pokemon Go March 2019 Research Tasks this month, the below pieces of advice could help immensely (not that Pokemon Go doesn’t give some awesome guidance as standard).

  • You can make use of multiples of the same research task at one time, allowing you to finish them all in one hit
  • Pokemon Go research tasks allow you to complete unlimited amounts in a single 24 hour period
  • A stop Spinning task will allow you to spin the same Pokestop over and over. Pokestop and Gym discs are exactly the same thing when carrying out spin tasks – Pokestop quests will not however count gym discs towards your total disc number.
  • Pokestop tasks and objectives allow you to use your Pokemon Go Plus.
  • Snapping up an evolved form of a creature counts towards a catch x amount of Pokemon quests, for example the requirement may be to catch a Geodude but catching a Graveller also counts
  • In order to add a stamp to your Breakthrough progress you will need to complete a standard research task – special research quests don’t count
  • Completing one of the Special Research objectives will not add a daily stamp to your Research Breakthrough progress – it must be from a Field Research quest instead.
  • Minimum level for Special Research is level 5
  • Pokemon encounters appear to be at level 15 with the same IV distribution as an egg hatch/raid encounter and do not factor weather boosts
  • Gyms do not give field research tasks

Thanks to TheSilphRoad Reddit thread for a few of the above.

Check out our Pokemon Go guides and wikis area where we’ll regularly add new guides as they’re written.

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