Robot Wars Arenas of Destruction PS2 Review – Get Your Bot Ready

As a person being born in the 90s I can remember the days when X Factor and Take Me Out were non-existent. Instead my evenings as a teenager were occupied watching real-life robots being torn apart in an arena, mainly by other robots that competitors had spent months working on to make them battle-worthy.

So what did the BBC go and do? They thought ‘hey, we could make a game out of this!’ That was when Robot Wars The Game was born.

And then there were five

Ok so BBC and the Climax Group jointly created a total of five of the Robot Wars game titles with the majority being on handheld, but to me there was one clear winner; Robot Wars: Arenas Of Destruction. AOD was the second game in the series, making its début on the ps2 but also being available for PC gamers.

The aim of the game

Similar to the popular TV series, the video game kept the main TV series concept in mind; create your robot, crush others, win money to build a better robot.

How to have a smashing time

Once you have finished customising something that in no way resembles a robot in the scrapyard you begin by entering tournaments in championship mode – the early battles being free and then having to pay an entry fee for the harder ones.

For those who haven’t seen the TV series or been fortunate enough to play the games, you and one other robot are placed in effectively a battle ground. A timer is set and the idea is to survive with the least damage possible.

Throughout the arena there are other robots (unbiased of course) who aim to cause more damage to either of yours or the competitor’s robot.

There is also something called ‘The Pitt’, basically end up being pushed in there and its game over as there’s no getting out!

Show me the money

You’ll find like most games that battles become more challenging as you progress, with tougher opponents and arenas that push your bot to the limit.
When you win battles, you’ll notice your credits start soaring, meaning you can buy new pre-built bots, or buy awesome weapons or armour to add to your existing robot – who doesn’t love a buzz saw!?

Star Struck Gaming Rating

Overall I think this game is challenging, while entertaining. You lose a battle, but you just want to try again.
If this isn’t a reason to get your PS2 back (if like me you no longer have one) then I don’t know what is!


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