That's You PS4 Review

Designed primarily as a novelty party game, “That’s You!” harnesses the modern-day obsession with taking photos and sharing experiences. After all, As the Narrator of each game will tell you, sharing experiences is what life is all about! Using the Sony Playstation 4’s “Play-link” service allows between 2 and 6 players to hook up their smartphones or tablets to the game and get involved. The game is compatible with any device that has access to the official “That’s You!” app through the specific app stores.

After everyone has connected their devices to the console, each player is asked to choose from a selection of novelty playing cards which act as an avatar throughout the game. Once this card has been chosen, the players will then be asked to use their device to snap a selfie which will also accompany them through the rounds of play. “That’s you!” also features a selection of filters and widgets that let you play with your pictures after they have been taken to create weird mirror and stretch effects if that happens to be your cup of tea!

Strike a pose!

Guiding you through the somewhat bohemian style gameplay experience is a mysterious narrator who starts each game by explaining the rules. A themed area will be randomly chosen at the start of each round including a jail cell, campsite, classroom amongst others. Each of these areas comes equipped with a randomised selection of questions based on the theme of the area and will be matched to one of the players. For example, you could have a game start in the Jail Cell that might put Player one in the Hot-seat. The players will all need to answer questions about Player one that are themed on the Jail setting. “What crime did Player one commit to end up in Jail?” for example. Alongside the selection of over 1000 themed questions there are also photo challenges thrown in occasionally within the rounds to change things up a bit.

The game may ask a player to stand up and act out a specific pose before tasking all the players to draw on the picture using their device to change it to something bizarre. This part of the game usually gets a bit wild and you’ll usually get one person who gets a bit out of hand at this point! Anatomical additions of an adult nature are a common occurrence, let’s just put it that way! The third style of round will show all players a picture of a person making an expression and task everyone to take a selfie mimicking it before voting on who came closest to the original picture.

Keep your friends close…

As you can imagine, “That’s you!” is a game that gets better as you add more people and personalities to the mixing pot. The game will ask at the beginning whether you would like the full set of questions or a slightly watered-down version that’s appropriate for younger players. Having said that, the questions aimed at adults aren’t exactly on the same level as well-known dark humour card games such as “Cards against humanity” but it’s nice to have the option for those who are conscious of little eyes and ears. Each Player can also collect “Joker” tokens throughout the game which serve to double the score for correctly answered questions. If you’re feeling particularly confident that Sharon really is the biggest drunk in the room then slam that joker button and if everybody agrees, you’ll double your points! These tokens are limited however, so make sure you’re confident before using them all up!

Star Struck Gaming Rating

As party games go, “That’s you!” serves as a bit of good, clean fun between friends. As mentioned previously it works a lot better with more players and is particularly effective for groups of pals who know each-other’s personalities and interests well. The interface is coated with Hipster style and would particularly appeal to those who often find themselves tweeting about travel, moustaches and rare types of coffee bean. With all that said, you’ll bring it out at a gathering for a quick bash but it’s not the kind of game you will play time and time again and doesn’t warrant much in terms of excitement or surprise after your first playthrough.

Completionists and trophy hunters won’t have much trouble to pick up a platinum here on the condition that they have either 5 rings or a total of 6 compatible devices within the household.
PS Plus subscribers can pick this game up digitally for Free on the Playstation store but physical copies are also available for around £7 for those desperate to put a copy on the shelf.


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