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Chase HQ Review – A retro classic never to be forgotten

Hey Star Struck Gaming fans and welcome to another vintage review, today we go all the way back to 1989 to look into a game that combines high speed, crunching metal and criminals – welcome to Taito’s Chase HQ.

What was Chase HQ about?

Chase HQ was a simple game but highly addictive, you play as Tony Gibson (a member of the Chase special investigation department) with his partner Raymond Broady who were assigned to stop criminals trying to leave the state, and they had to be stopped before crossing the state line.

The games used the high-speed of out run and added high-speed collisions into the mix which made for immense fun. Weaving in and out of traffic, driving on the wrong side of the road to catch up with your target, and start to crash into them while sometimes using boost to cause extra damage. This would also help you catch up after colliding with unhelpful citizens hindering you in protecting them, and to add to problems this was all done against the clock!

How did Chase HQ develop?

In 2007 chase HQ 2 was released (yes a full 18 years later) with better graphics, more speed and 3 vehicles to choose from; sports, muscle, and a patrol car. The villains were also a bit clever in this (obviously the advancement in A.I. over 18 year’s helped) version. The real game changer was the addition of a gun that could be fired by player 2 during the chase or operated in one player mode, but this was difficult as you still had to control the high speed car.

Chase HQ 1 and 2 were both well received from the spectrum version right up to the Megadrive and beyond. The games were classics and can be found on Taito’s classic game collection.

Star struck Rating

The chance of an up to date version of Chase H.Q is slim but I’m sure with the right tweak here and there, along with the graphical capabilities today allowing more speed textures and depth it could appear on PSN or Xbox Live as a downloadable game only. This would certainly entertain a whole new generation.


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