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Paperboy NES Review – Don’t get hit by those papers!

Welcome to 1985 Star Struck fans and today we are playing a well loved classic that has lasted the test of time.

Paperboy – delivering papers?

Paperboy is a simple concept of a game delivering all the papers to the subscribers on either Easy Street, Middle Street, or the Hard way avoiding obstacles along the way.

The game covers your role during a week as a Paperboy, obviously starting on Monday and finishing Sunday. As the week goes on the street you are delivering to goes from a nice quiet suburb to a chaotic street that could be in the middle of a riot.

The game is set at a vertical right angle and you are constantly propelled along. You can control the forward,back, left and right controls but cannot stop which gives your reflexes and hand eye Coordination a serious work out in the later days of the week.

It all starts on Monday…

On Monday you have a fairly simple run; avoiding drain covers and barking dogs is nothing too taxing, just get your timing right to get the paper into the post boxes for a clean run and avoid smashing your subscribers windows!

As the week progresses the street gets busier and more troublesome; tires roll out of garages, cars pull out of driveways without looking, cats leap out, and disgruntled people chase you down the street (usually because you broke their window the day before). People will also fight in the street (although a paper to the back of the head can usually stop that).

When the Paperboy grew up

Paperboy has been released over the years on various platforms and the graphics improved as you would expect each time, but the gameplay remains the same because quite simply if it isn’t broke don’t fix it!

Paperboy is also available on mobile devices now for a small fee and is well worth every penny. It’s also a brilliant distraction for long journeys and keeping the kids quiet in the back of the car.

Star Struck Rating

All in all the game is a win win. You can pick it up and have a few goes trying to beat your score, or you can try and achieve greatness by getting a perfect delivery week(not as easy as it sounds).


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