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playstation VR Worlds Games Review

Like many of the gamers out there that invested their hard-earned cash into getting a PlayStation VR, I obviously installed the VR demo available from the PlayStation Store to test out some of the VR capabilities.

Aside from fun antics of Job Simulator, the VR Worlds demo was a game that truly caught my eye straight away. Although the gameplay within the demo is fairly restricted, I could already see the potential for an engaging game – which inevitably led me to purchasing the full game.

A one size fits all experience

For those yet to venture into this awesome title, there are five different scenarios to offer something for every gamer.

If scurrying through space is your thing, going underwater to face a huge shark, playing sports you’d only encounter in the future, or dodging traffic then this game is for you.

The game mode that sold me though was the gangster based London Heist.

An edge of your seat thriller

This game will have you literally ducking and diving, dodging bullets and handling guns like the Italian Mafia.

If stealing a diamond while hiding from other gangsters doesn’t tickle your fancy, then sitting in the passenger seat of a speeding 4×4 with a semi-automatic and plenty of ammo might be more your thing. Oh and I forgot to mention the fact that thugs on motorbikes and shooters in 4x4s will be shooting at you.

You’ll have to have a steady aim to shoot out tyres and/or a driver if you want to survive a high-speed chase.

Using VR to its full potential

Of the PS4 VR games I have played so far this game really utilises every aspect of the headset’s capabilities.

From the off you are able to look around your surroundings, the detail is awesome. If you can’t handle an angry London gangster swearing and threatening to torture you this might not be for you.

During the car shoot-up scenario, you can cleverly lean out of the passenger door to look behind you to deter any enemies that might be following you – you just have to remember you have the headset on as you do get carried away!

The game utilises the VR headset’s microphone when you are sat at a table, a cigar and lighter on the table. Quite cleverly, you light the cigar and put it to your mouth – inhale and the cigar end lights up, exhale and smoke physically blows out. This is thinking outside the box in my opinion.

Ok it’s not the longest game

Overall, the London Heist is awesome. The game may not provide several hours of gameplay, but the great aspect of VR Worlds is that you then have several other games to play through too.

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