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Misfolded Game Review – Not Everything Is Always As It Seems!

Misfolded Game review

We were fortunate enough to get hands on with this unusual yet intriguing title, and now we’ve dived into the game a little more and what we’ve seen and enjoyed comes together in our Misfolded Game review.

Let’s get on with our Misfolded Game review. Misfolded is a strange beast. The aesthetics first make for what looks to be a calming yet interesting experience…that is until you realise the main nameless (but not faceless) ‘protagonist’ you play as and what they are capable of sinks into your mind and the game takes a slow and oddly dark turn.

It’s only natural…

The game starts off in a beautiful world amongst druids, all faceless and only able to sing. They use their only form of communication not to talk but to help the world grow into a better place..bringing flowers back to life, helping plant life grow and improve their world generally as a whole. You, on the other hand as the main character are a literal dark individual..a black blotch on this beautiful world that you inhabit.

Pulling at the heart strings

Within the first few minutes, I actually felt sorry for the poor guy, seen as a outcast amongst his peers, rejected because everything he does is the opposite of what his group can do. While he can also only communicate via singing, he causes everything to become worse in some way shape or form. Flowers die and wither, glass smashes when he sings (much akin to when an opera singer hits the right note) and you can even break crystals with your voice. While he’s not faceless (per the screenshot below) he doesn’t just use singing to wreak havoc around him.

While the main group of druids can only sing, you can also get a sense of their disdain for you when you walk by them singing and it causes them to react. For example, in the first part of the game, I stood next to 3 druids by the river and sung, 2 covering their ears in disgust while the other fell back into the river in shock, a mild moment of comic relief in this world you play in which bought a chuckle out of me.

a name without a face?

Without going into too much detail, as this character – who does have eyes I may add so isn’t completely faceless and helps evoke more emotion – starts taking different forms such as a ball or 3 oblong like blocks stuck together. Sounds pretty standard right? It’s how you get to these forms which is the dark part. Lets just say with the havoc created comes a more darkened spiral with every form your character takes.

I really enjoyed my playthrough with Misfolded, and the character you play as is a metaphor for society it seems, a very ‘ugly duckling story’ in that we should all be accepted the same and not as different, no matter what makes us different. While it’s rather a short game (around 6-7 hours for me at least), it’s certainly one full of little nuances and the aesthetic as a whole makes this a great game to play through and just enjoy.


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