Job Simulator VR Review

Before I ventured into the world of the PlayStation VR I had previously seen a few snippets of the Job Simulator title from the HTC Vive – from what I saw I was intrigued to say the least.

If you have no clue as to what Job Simulator is, it’s one of those titles that does exactly what’s written on the tin; you simulate different jobs!

Fun to watch as well as play

Anyone who has experienced the PS VR will know that (most) games can be seen through the headset as well as displaying on the TV so that everyone can feel involved.

My other half is not, and has never been a fan of video games (to the point she gave me her pristine boxed PlayStation 1) and I really wanted her to just try the VR to see what she thought. After managing to convince her I thought the best experience would be something fun and straightforward light Job Simulator.

Serving customers in a grocery store, making cups of tea and an English breakfast in the kitchen were two of the jobs my wife decided to try out, she said ‘it was okay’ but judging from her reaction while she was playing she thought it was amazing. I wish I had recorded her as proof!

Causing a little trouble

As I’m sure most people have found already, it is often quite fun to cause a bit of mischief when it comes to the Job Simulator experience. I mean who wants to play by the rules!?

In the office environment it’s pretty good fun to attempt to throw things over the desk in an attempt to see what reactions the other office workers (robots) will come out with – being hit by a mug for example.

You are assigned tasks to carry out, which of course you’re free to abide by, but where’s the fun in that?

Throwing a tomato at a robot is definitely a good way to go.

My favourite jobs

You’ll already know which jobs you can try out if you’ve played or looked into buying this interactive title, but for me personally I have a couple that I tend to play more than others, and I’ll explain why.

As a reminder they are the Office Worker, Gourmet Chef, Automotive Mechanic, and the Convenience Store Clerk.

Of all the fun tasks to do throughout the various jobs my favourite job overall would have to be the Gourmet Chef. It really gets you thinking about what foods you are actually serving up – I can cook plenty of things in reality but when it comes to this simulation I find myself forgetting that crumpets need to go in a toaster and not on the grill!

My second favourite is the Office Clerk, maybe because I work in an office and would love to do some of the things you get to try without any consequences. I mean I’d love to throw a paper aeroplane at my boss’s head in real-life – who wouldn’t?

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