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Sony Announces PS4 Successor Is Underway , A PS5 Console Concept?

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A PS5 Console Concept Could Be On The Cards

It was an inevitable move, Sony has now announced that a successor to the PS4 is on the records, in other words its some kind of a PS5 console concept.

Okay they may not have said in so many words that it’s actually a PS5 console, but with the discontinuation of the PS Vita the likelihood is that itt’s not going to be another handheld. Unless like the Switch Sony come up with kind of docked PS5 console concept.

Sony boss Kenichiro Yoshida said in a Financial Times interview that “At this point, what I can say is it’s necessary to have a next-generation hardware,”

What’s PS5 going to mean?

The Financial Time’s sources states that “early indications were that it might not represent a major departure from the PS4, and that the fundamental architecture would be similar.”

Not that this gives us too much detail on what we might see with the PS5 console concept, but whatever the ‘successor’ ends up being the likelihood is Sony aren’t going to be any any real rush to release the new piece of hardware. Bearing in mind the PS4 sales are still doing so well you can see why.

The PS4 has sold in excess of 80 Million units since its 2013 launch

Does this mean we may see other new consoles?

It’s highly likely that with the successor to the PS4 being confirmed that we’ll see others follow in the footsteps. As an example we saw that Microsoft were already talking about their next console at E3 2018 saying work was already underway for  “the next Xbox consoles”.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox said in a statement that “The same team that delivered unprecedented performance with Xbox One X is deep into architecting the next Xbox consoles, where we will once again deliver on our commitment to set the benchmark for console gaming,”

It’s almost a certainty that game streaming will be one of the large assets that come bundled with next-gen consoles, much like Sony’s PlayStation Now subscription service already tested

It was only yesterday that the team over at Microsoft revealed their own video game streaming service, currently known as Project xCloud. From what has come down the grapevine so far it sounds as though the MS guys are planning multiple consoles, one of which will be able to handle it’s game streaming service while the other will be something more traditional.

It’ll be interesting to see whether Sony will keep with the growing trend of multiple consoles, or whether it’ll build a super PS5 console concept that can handle it all. Either way we probably won’t hear too much more until E3 drops next year.

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