The Spider-Man Far From Home trailer dropped today which has been stuffed with spoilers relating to Avengers: Endgame, so if you haven’t seen the movie yet it may be worth avoiding the trailer for now.

Before you go any further, aside from the Spider-Man Far From Home trailer there are also spoilers written in this article – you’ve been warned!

Spider-Man Far From Home trailer – spoilers galore

There’s that many spoilers in the Spider-Man Far From Home trailer that there’s even a disclaimer from peter Parker himself Tom Holland at the very beginning of the clip. Marvel did the right thing here to be fair as there’s still ;likely a few people that are yet to catch an Avengers: Endgame screening. Personally i’m ready to watch it again!


In the Spider-Man Far From Home trailer we see the aftermath of what has happened as part of Endgame, and that Peter Parker is still coming to terms with the passing of his good friend tony Stark. Nick Fury attempts to call him but Peter ignores the calls and instead heads off to Europe with his mates for a school trip. Happy Hogan is still on the scene to provide a male role model and guiding hand to peter in the absence of Iron Man.

What we do gain from the Spider-Man Far From Home trailer is some new Intel such as the fact that an alternate universe exists which is home to Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio. We also learn the fact that this alternate universe coincides with the Marvel Universe – meaning there’s now a multiverse – confused yet!?

Any Marvel fan will know that the franchise works the movies in different phases, and we are currently in phase 3 having Spider-Man Far From Home as the final movie before phase 4 releases. Phase 4 however is diving straight into the unknown so seeing this movie is a must for any MCU super fan, when we get into multiple universe plots it’s definitely something to stay on top of to avoid falling behind!

We are due to see Spider-Man Far From Home launching across the country in a couple of months on July 2nd.

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