Xbox One S disc-less Console Unveiled – All Digital Edition Coming In May


While we were all sat back waiting for the announce of a new Xbox One (some say called Xbox 2) console, Microsoft has opened the curtains on a new edition of the existing Xbox One – specifically an Xbox One S disc-less console. Thurrot’s Brad Sams first revealed the details stating the console is currently code named as Xbox Maverick and that we could be looking at a Q1 release date.

The inside scoop on the Xbox One S disc-less

The Xbox One S disc-less doesn’t sound like a great name for a console now does it? We also know how Microsoft likes to code name their projects – hence the name Xbox maverick. What we can now confirm though is that this new console edition is set to be called the “Xbox One S All-Digital Edition,” with April looking at the time gamers can pre-order the console with a launch window of the beginning of May 2019. The launch seems like it’s set to be a simultaneous global launch as opposed to staggering the launch per region.

With rumours of the PS5 being completely digital in addition to the next-gen Xbox, Microsoft have taken the plunge to bring out a current-gen with disc-free technology. The idea behind going disc-less is to give players to option to boycott discs and have a completely digital library. Things like Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass and the imminent release of its Project XCloud streaming service it looks like Microsoft are really pushing for the digital only services.

There’s no details on how much the Xbox One S disc-less console is going to cost us, but the likelihood is that it’ll come in cheaper than it’s predeccessor with not haviong the expense of a disc drive.

Aside from the Xbox One S disc-less (or Xbox One S All-Digital Edition), there’s always some whispers that Microsoft are prepping to announce a Fortnite edition system with a full-on Fortnite design structure, as opposed to simply bundling the game with an existing Xbox design. Details on whether the Fortnite edition system would be an Xbox one S or an X (or even a disc-free version) is still on the wait and see list for now.

Much like the rumours that The Last of Us 2 release date has been leaked, you’ll need to take the Fortnite Xbox One edition with a pinch of salt – plans can and often do change, although it’s looking very likely right now.

The downside to having an Xbox One S disc-less is the fact that it will limit the 4K content made available on the console, that especially goes for us outside of the US where digital 4K is a little slim in comparison to physical mediums such as Blu-Ray discs. Making an all-digital console does have the benefit of pre-loading upcoming games in addition to refunds via the Microsoft accounts area.

We’ll have to wait and see whether the next instalment of the Xbox One X takes on the disc-less features, but if the Xbox One S disc-less goes down well there’s a strong possibility of Microsoft going down this route for future systems.

Will you be going all-digital with the Xbox One S disc-less? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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