Detroit Become Human PS4 Review – Which Path Will You Choose?

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Can androids and humans really live together in perfect harmony, or are androids destined to become slaves and obey those who brought them into this world? Our review for Detroit Become Human PS4 Review will help you make the right choice.

Every possible scenario, from every single angle

At the end of every chapter you’ll be greeted by a screen similar to the shot below. This is what I like to call ‘the tree’ (I forget the techie term), but depending on the choices, reactions, and how you decide to play out each chapter will depend on what’s unlocked along each branch of the tree. Go back and see the alternate scenarios (*there’s often several) or wait until you finish your entire journey like I am, and you can return to see how everything might have panned out if you’d maybe reacted that bit faster or given that guy a second chance to live.

Oh and you’ll need to do these alternate paths to earn certain trophies by the way…

Detroit Become Human PS4 tree

Will you finish your chores?

By holding R2 on your controller you’ll be able to see the tasks that are available to you – some are optional while others you can’t get away without completing. Kara has the job below pf being a house slave, like a good boy scout I thought I’d complete all chores knowing that her human master was a little unpleasant let’s say. I’m going back to make a stand though and let him clean up his own mess!

Detroit Become Human PS4 tasks

What are the chances?

Depending on the clues and evidence you find can impact on the choices available to you, like trying to communicate with a deviant android for example. This can in some scenarios also depend on how quickly you can find the evidence, some time-based evidence hunts will have a negative impact on events should you run out of time – a little tip, don’t run out of time when you can help it.

Detroit Become Human PS4 success factor

Your choices shape your future

okay maybe that sounded a bit philosophical but hey it’s true! The choices you make will have an impact on how the game carries on. Yeah you you’re right, choosing a piano tune to pass the time isn’t a life or death situation, but who knows how an android may react to some crappy sounding music – they are machines after all!

Detroit Become Human PS4 piano

Right, maybe a choice of tune wasn’t the right choice but you catch my drift. If you make life or death choices, say perhaps choosing to shoot someone or let them run scott free (no spoilers here) then there’s no telling how the rest of the story may go – they could end up stabbing you in the back (quite literally).

Kara – my all time favourite model

I have to be honest, as far as games go, Kara is one playable character that stole my heart. Without spoiling too much, you can’t help but feel sorry for her, nothing is too much trouble, and she really does get treated like a slave over the other androids we meet through Detroit Become Human PS4.

As soon as we’re introduced to kara she’s already had a hard time of things, and things just keep spiralling down, they did in my scenario anyway. Although i’m yet to see if things can turn out a little bit happier for the female heartthrob.

Detroit Become Human PS4 Kara

How’re you at piecing together a crime scene?

Looking for evidence is one thing, working out what’s happened is another. in Detroit Become Human PS4 you’ll not only need Connor to find various pieces of evidence and clues to solve a case successfully, you’ll then need to take everything you’ve found and put the pieces together to solve the crime.

See that timeline in the pic below? You can see there’s two events that you need to identify to help find the cause of what’s gone on, and of course to find out who. In the below scenario you can see the suspect had recently been at the crime scene, this was identified based on the evidence collected, but you need to pan the camera to see where and when exactly each event occurred – pretty cool huh?

Detroit Become Human PS4 investigation

can you handle the stress?

If the idea of interrogating a rogue android, sorry a deviant android, and raising their stress levels sounds like a daunting task to you then you might want someone else to take the controller for  a few minutes. If on the other hand you reckon you#re well up for stressing out a machine so much that he can’t help but spill the beans on the crimes he’s committed, along with what actually happened to his victim then you’re going to enjoy this.

Your task in a nutshell? Probe the right questions to reach the right stress level percentage – get your suspect singing like a canary.

DON’T: Be careful not to press too hard, things won’t end well – they didn’t for me at least!

Detroit Become Human PS4 interrogation

I’ve never looked after an elderly person before!

You’ll find in some situations that you’ll need to combine several buttons in order to perform a certain action, like the example below I can imagine the old guy is quite heavy – tapping X a few times just won’t do the trick!

Detroit Become Human PS4 buttons

Detroit Become Human PS4 DLC?

I’m yet to hear whether there is going to be any DLC coming to the game, but I bought the deluxe editions just in case. I’d happily welcome some additional content. keep your eyes on our Detroit Become Human hub for any DLC announcements.

Star struck Gaming rating

Much like Heavy Rain when it cam,e out on PS3 several years back, Detroit Become Human PS4 just comes across as absolute perfection to me. The game looks amazing on my PS4 Pro, the story keeps you on the edge of your seat, and although its an option to go back and play through the alternate endings – I definitely will be.

The game makes use of the PS4 controller’s interactivity by using it’s motion to jump fences or unhook components from androids, it uses the built in speaker to output neat sounds, and even uses the track-pad to perform actions like turning pages in the E-books throughout the game.

I genuinely enjoyed this game, best game I have played in a long time and deserves the perfect rating – I cannot find any faults whatsoever.

Highly Recommended
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