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Fortnite Gunner pet removed from store following outrage from its players


For all of the die-hard Fortnite players out there, Epic released a new pet by the name of the Gunner dog which players just had to have. The pup came with a price tag of 1000 V Bucks costing around £7.99, but following a backlash from the Fortnite community we’ve seen the Fortnite Gunner pet removed from the store.

Fortnite Gunner pet removed, but why?

The reason the players who purchased the Gunner Dog skin were disappointed was due to the fact that the skin looked almost identical to the poochy skin which was contained in the Battle Pass. Following seeing the Fortnite Gunner pet removed from the Epic store, an apology from Epic was in the form of issuing full refunds to players who purchased the skin, as well as giving them 200 V Bucks.

It didn’t take long at all for players to notice the Gunner Dog similarities to the Fortnite Battle Pass season 6 pet called Bonesy. Looking at both skins together they don’t offer much difference whatsoever, other than the yellow mask and the bandana.

The other issue players complained about was the cost of the Gunner dog skin, which is almost as much as what you could buy the full Battle pass at which at only 950 V Bucks, 50 V Bucks less than the Gunner dog skin. As well as posts across social media, Reddit users joined in to make their voice heard, stating that the pet was basically identical to Bonesy and expressing their anger at the price tag.

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