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Check Out This Week’s Game Release Schedule 30 July – 5 August 2018

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This week’s game release schedule is finally here, and we’ve got a few games that haven’t had the attention or coverage that they deserve – let’s change that by showing you what you’ve got to look forward to coming this week.


PS4, Xbox One, PC – July 31st

After a minute mining colony goes eerily quiet a young soldier goes to investigate, and after arriving at the small mountain town he finds that paranormal forces have forced their way into the community and taken over. After realising he’s now trapped, the young soldier has no other option to explore the mines below the own in order to uncover the what’s happened in Chasm.

Code of Princess EX

Switch – July 31st

Picture Streets Of Rage with a hack and slash twist and you’ll start to get the feel for the play style of Code Of Princess EX. Players take the role of Princess Solange wielding the almighty DeLuxcalibur sword in a fight to take down monsters that have filled the kingdom, and working with a team of talented fighters to uncover the secrets of the monster uprising.

Yakuza 0

PC – August 1st

The smash hit by Sega, Yakuza 0 comes to PC this week and for the newbies to Zero the title shows us the background of Kazuma Kiryu before he becomes what we all know him as – the Mad Dog of Shimano.Players will dance, flirt and hustle their way around the slumming streets of a gang-filled Tokyo, Japan in 1988. Kiryu will strive to work his way up the ranks to do what it takes to be part of the Dojima Yakuza crime family, that is until he gets slammed with the blame of a debt collection job that goes horribly wrong.

Dead Cells

PS4, Xbox One, PC Switch – August 7th

An alchemic experiment has gone pretty wrong in Dead Cells, and you’ll have to work pretty hard to try and find out what’s really going on in an ever-evolving cursed island. Much like the difficulty of Dark Souls there’ll be a hefty challenge in front of you – with no checkpoints if you don’t manage to beat the final boss and he beats you you’ll have to do it all over again. You’ll need to skill up as you go along, and oh boy there’s a lot of different ways to defeat enemies – from whips and grenades to bows, swords and spells you can choose the best way to obliterate your foes.

Game release schedule pick of the week

Code Of Princess EX for Switch looks like this week’s contender, an intriguing story, taking down monsters with a huge sword? Count me in!

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