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Gears of War 5 Easter Eggs guide

Gears 5 is definitely one of the most anticipated game releases of 2019, and putting the gore and epic storyline aside we’re all keen to see what else the developers have hidden throughout the game. Often we find that developers hide references to other games, movies or well-known characters for us to discover, and Gears 5 is no exception. Some Easter eggs are displayed right in front of us without even noticing, while the vast majority will be tucked away in an area you’d never even consider exploring. Our Gears of War 5 Easter Eggs guide is here to showcase all of the secrets and references that we’ve discovered so far so that you can track them down or yourself.

Gears of War 5 Easter Eggs guide: #1 The fish on a stick

The first entry on our Gears of War 5 Easter Eggs guide takes place within the first ten minutes of the campaign. Specifically, you’ll need to finish the tutorial and dive straight into Act I: Chapter 1, and there’s a very good chance you’ll miss this on your first run through the campaign without realising.

Progress through the game until you reach the point where your team separates at an overlook, you need to head to the right at which point you’ll reach a manhole cover down to the sewer.


Once you drop down you need to look to the left and the right to see four valves. Shoot each one until they start smoking.


A golden light will start glowing in front of you, and the fish on the stick weapon will drop in front of you. Hold X to wield it and have some fun slapping enemies with a fish!


As we uncover more secrets we’ll keep this Gears of War 5 Easter Eggs guide updated. Make sure to check back often to see what we’ve found!

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