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Borderlands 3 all secrets and Easter Eggs: sneaky references & treasures!

Much like every game so far in the Borderlands franchise, there are a variety of references and treasures just waiting to be found in Borderlands 3. There are references to pop culture, funky writing and a lot more. Read on to find Borderlands 3 all secrets and Easter Eggs that have been discovered so far.class=”jsx-2220867494 jsx-1903702008 wiki-section”>

Borderlands 3 all secrets and Easter Eggs #1: Captain America meets Zane

The very first of Borderlands 3 all secrets and Easter Eggs comes in the form of a massive reference that only a non-Marvel fan could miss. Assuming you’ve already played through some of Borderlands 3 you’ll know how the in-game skills tree mechanic works. With each of the skills you find for the playable characters you will notice them come bundled with a fairly large description text, which describes exactly what the skill can do. One skill in particular that comes from the character Zane provides a blatant Marvel reference in plain site within the skill description text.
 Check out the Quick Breather skill available to Zane, and the effect will provide the ability of a boosted shield recharge before jumping back into battle.


Within the text, you will notice the phrase “I can do this all day” which Captain America mentions a heap of times across his appearances in the films, with one of the more recent times in Avengers: Endgame. As we know, Cap doesn’t go anywhere without his shield, so having this phrase combined with Zane’s perky shield makes a lot of sense, and isn’t a bad reference at all.

As we find more Borderlands 3 all secrets and Easter Eggs we will ensure this article is updated, but for now that rounds up the list of treasures and references that have been discovered in the game so far.

Know a Borderlands 3 Easter egg we’ve missed? let us know!

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