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Anthem Combos Guide

Anthem combos guide

If you’re going to get ahead of the competition in BioWare’s Anthem, combo mastering is going to help massively. Unlike your average moves combos deal heavy damage to enemies, and in our Anthem combos guide we’ll show you some suggestions on the best gear to use.

Make sure to keep on eye on your gear which will show whether you already have a detonator or Primer equipped, check the ability for a bold star outline to define a detonator, while a circle with an outline to the left will be a primer.

It’s worth bearing in mind that others on your team have the ability to combine their detonators and primers with the ones you have. If your team doesn’t detonate but you notice something is already primed, it’s your call to take the shot.

Anthem Combos Guide – Storm Detonators and Primers

Producing some truly devastating power, the storm is classed as the real element go-getter – that is assuming you’re able to use it the right way. Being able to select a single target using the Storm gear will not only damage the target in focus but additionally those surrounding the enemy. The Storm’s gear will also let players get a decent size group in their sights to deliver damage to them all simultaneously.

Detonator (Storm)DetailsTechnique
Lightning Strike Blast Seal TBC
Glacial Spear Focus Seal TBC
Burning Orb Focus Seal TBC
Elemental Storm Ultimate ability TBC
Melee Attack TBC

Primer (Storm)DetailsTechnique
Frost Shards Focus Seal TBC
Shock Burst Focus Seal TBC
Ice Storm Blast Seal TBC
Living Flame Blast Seal TBC
Ice Blast Blast Seal
Elemental Storm Ultimate ability TBC

Anthem Combos Guide – Ranger Detonators And Primers

When using the Ranger class you’ll find it fits as an all-rounder type, there are plenty of ways you can create the Ranger to inflict damage on multiple targets. It’s worth noting that the Ranger equipment is also awesome for one on one situations, but of course the Ranger build you select is totally your choice and down to personal preference.There’s an excellent Ranger Combo bonus which will, in addition to your ability, inflict extra damage to a single target.
Detonator (Ranger)DetailsTechnique
Seeking Missile
Pulse Blast
Sticky Grenade
Frag Grenade
Multi-Target Missile Battery This is the Ranger's ultimate ability.Attempt to prime a group of enemies or ask allies for help to maximise the damage dealt with this ultimate ability.
anthem cross platform play
Primer (Ranger)DetailsTechnique
Frost Grenade Freeze enemies into position.
Inferno Grenade
Venom Darts
Melee Attack The Ranger is equipped with a shock mace that inflicts Electrical damage.

Anthem Combos Guide – Colossus Detonators and Primers

Detonator (Colossus)DetailsTechnique

Anthem early access release

Primer (Colossus)DetailsTechnique

Interceptor Detonators and Primers

As an Interceptor combo bonus dependent on the enemy status applied, you can obtain an Aura.

Detonator (interceptor)DetailsTechnique
Tempest Strike
Spark Dash
Melee Attack
Assassin's Blades Ultimate Ability
Anthem cross platform play
Primer (interceptor)DetailsTechnique
Cryo Glave
Venom Bomb
Venom Spray
Detonating Strike Strike System

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