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Apex Legends 1.1 Update Resolved To Fix Bugged Player Progression


This week saw the roll-out of the Apex Legends 1.1 update, and with it brought some improvements to prevent player cheating, bug fixes in addition to enabling a feature to hook up with the last match squad that you played with. That’s all good and dandy, but what came with the patch was an issue that essentially wiped player accounts back to level 1 as if they were brand new players.

The only advice we’d seen from devs respawn was to hold off buying anything new or crafting gear til they knew what was happening. The biggest positive to come from the Apex Legends 1.1 update is the last squad match-up feature, how annoying is it to play with some down to earth players in your squad and then try and recall what their tag was? This won’t happen anymore which is one good thing at least.

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Once you let the Apex Legends 1.1 Update run and install there’ll be some new icons that appear after you finish a match in the lobby area, using these new addition will enable players to invite the players that met from that particular match to see if they fancy another match. You can also send messages per squad mate, say if one was great but another was being an A-Hole then you can pick and choose who to invite – and there’s also the option to remove yourself from the feature if you don’t want to be pestered with invites.

Credit: Jayfresh_respawn

Apex Legends 1.1 Update patch notes

The patch notes detailed in a reddit post stated that in addition to the minor features there were a few other minor changes, here’s the full patch notes:


  • Added the ability to party up with the last squad you played with. After the match you will see buttons in the lobby that display the last two people you played with and can invite them to your squad.

Credit: Jayfresh_respawn

When you head back to the lobby after a match you will see two new buttons that show you the players in your last squad with the option to invite them for another match!

You can choose to allow invites or opt out in the Friends menu.

  • Additional behind-the-scenes improvements for squashing cheaters.

  • Added Mute button during the intro and Legend selection.

  • When using the Report Player button for PC, you now have the option of selecting Cheat or Other.

Made small improvements to the UI for customizing Legends.

Added option to turn off lighting on compatible hardware [for example, Razer Chroma devices] in the Mouse/Keyboard settings.

  • Added informative messages that appear on PC for crashes due to:

    • Running out of memory.

    • CPU errors best explained by overclocking/overheating.

  • Added better collision to the turrets on Supply Ships.

  • Stability fixes to all platforms.


  • Fixed issue where the Battle Pass rewards page would not have a default item selected, resulting in a mostly blank page.

  • Fixed bug for PS4 and X1 where sometimes attempting to use a keyboard to chat could cause a fatal script error.

  • Fixed bug with Banner Cards not showing up during and at the end of a match.


  • Octane’s Jump Pad no longer affects players when using Into the Void ability.

Are the Apex Legends 1.1 Update issues fixed?

Fortunately at the time of writing this the Apex Legends 1.1 Update issues have been resolved, and the reason it messed up originally was due to moving player progression data to an incorrect server – to fix it simply required moving the data onto the right server (Phew). A,B,C may not have been the simplest way to get this done, but for us on the other side of the fence it’s hard to tell what the techie side actually involved for the fix.

In a Reddit Post stating the Apex Legends 1.1 Update fix had gone live, Respawn stated “Any  in-game purchases and progress acquired during the time between 1.1  going live and the fix will be reverted – levels earned, items unlocked,  packs opened, and spent currency. If you continued to play and didn’t  patch then this will not affect you. Any  currency purchased, spent or not, will be carried back over to their  original account state.  i.e. – if you bought $20 worth of coins, and  spent $18, then you’ll will get $20 after the fix.” and that “Everything you’ve accomplished and bought in Apex up until the 1.1 Patch that went live at 10:00 PST today should be restored,”

“Everything you’ve accomplished and bought in Apex up until the 1.1 Patch that went live at 10:00 PST today should be restored,” Respawn said.

If this had been more permanent Respawn could have been dealing with some very unhappy players, me included!

Aside from the Apex Legends 1.1 Update, are you looking for more Apex Legends help? Check our guides and wikis section which includes articles such as Apex Legends crash fixes and more.

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