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If you’re yet to complete the Sea of Thieves Wild Rose quest then fortunately it’s one of the shorter quests within the Tall Tales. Although it’s okay once you get going it isn’t the easiest quest to find.If you’ve not attempted any of the Tall tales yet, these quests were introduced in the Sea of Thieves Anniversary update and see you tracking the Shores of Gold whereabouts. Puzzles, riddles and much more will be the types of tasks you and your crew will need to complete.

The Sea of Thieves Wild Rose quests will require you to locate a variety of objects such as a dreary love story, spices and a music box. Our Wild rose Tall Tales guide is here to help you if you hit a wall (or an island).

Sea of Thieves Wild Rose – first steps

In order to begin the Wild Rose voyage you’ll need to make your way to the Sanctuary Outpost and have an encounter with Madame Olive in the Order of Souls tent on the island. The Tall Tales bible will be located on her left, and you will need a crew before you can start it. Once you do a quest book will be added to your inventory which contains the initial relationship stages of George and Rose. This provides some clues in the direction of where they vanished.


Find The Chest of Memories

After you’ve begun the voyage you’ll be on the search for a memento crate that Rose and George hid in a location that’s not yet know. Now open up your Tall Tales quest book, flick through the pages to discover a rough drawing of the chest along with a script stating where the chest location is. The location will be one of a few places which varies per player, Rapier Cay was where we found it while others will be Sandy Shallows or Boulder Cay. You need to dig the chest up and crack it open, this will add new entries to your quest book.


Locate the Music Box and Box of Spices

Next up on our Sea of Thieves Wild Rose guide is to have a read of your new book entries, in addition to the initial pages you had to pinpoint where the buried Music Box and Spices are hidden. To decipher this puzzle in the book you want to be looking for the location buried beneath where the drawing shows George and Rose reside.

This is random for every player so will depend on which story you receive, be aware that some cases will follow a trend which means hintys need to be followed instead of just unearthing the ground they’re stood on.

  • Day 81 – Lonely Isle
  • Our First Bounty – Lone Cove
  • The Argument – Twin Groves
  • Our First Kiss – Lagoon of Whispers
  • The pig chase! – Salty Sands
  • Doing what I do best! – Boulder Cay
  • The Perfect Plan – Sailor’s Bounty
  • Our Vows – Smuggler’s Bay
  • Our First Dance – Wanderer’s Refuge
  • The day we found our pendants! – Sea Dogs Rest
  • We survived our first ambush! – Cannon Cove

Sea of Thieves Wild Rose – sell your mementos

Once you’ve found the items in the last step head back to Sanctuary Outpost and into Madame Olive’s tent to give her the items you’ve found. A brief cutscene will see her perform a ritual to turn the items into a mystical compass. Retrieve the compass after the cutscene and make your way back to your boat.

The enchanted compass – spoiler alert!

You’ll now want to equip your new compass from your radial menu and quite simply sail to find Rose at the given destination. Once you arrive you will spot a note on her with a shiny pendant, collect this to discover what happened to her.

At this point a different direction will be shown on the enchanted compass, head this way and George wont’ be here but you’ll encounter Rooke who is a skeleton Captain that you’ll need to turn to a pile of bones. Finish this and the lovers will be set free. You can obtain the second pendant piece after listening to her words and doing as you wish with your sword.


You now own the two pendant pieces so make your way to Sanctuary Outpost one last time before heading back to Madam Olive’s tent. hand over the items and let the custcene roll, that’s Rare’s  Sea of Thieves Wild Rose finished!

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