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Pokemon Go gen 5 release info: Ultra bonuses and the Pokemon available

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The Pokemon Go Global Challenge isn’t anything new, with players from around the globe putting countless hours into finishing the challenge. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll have heard there is three weeks worth of Ultra Bonuses, and with that comers the Pokemon Go gen 5 release. Trainers and their respective teams trained and battled their pokemon to make the Global Challenge a success, and as a result, they became eligible for the in-game Ultra bonuses. The Pokemon Go: A Thousand Year |Slumber quest is one of those Ultra Bonuses, and is currently the only way players can get their hands on the mythical Jirachi. Scroll down to check out what’s coming as part of the Pokemon Go gen 5 release in addition to the Ultra Bonuses.

First up, let’s check out the Ultra Bonuses that’ll be available to try your luck at for the time-limited period.

Pokemon Go Week 1 Ultra Bonuses: September 2nd – 9th

We’ll see the Ultra Bonuses kick off on September 2nd with the first week offering the ability to catch Unown. Before now the only way of obtaining Unown was at Pokemon Go events such as Go Fest and other events that occurred in the real world. For just one week, 10km eggs will offer Unown by spelling out ULTRA. One week is a pretty small window to grab an Unown, so you’d better rack up those steps.

Double effectiveness will apply to all incubators, shiny versions of Gligar and Sentret will be obtainable in the world, and both the standard and shiny versions of the gen 2 Legendary dogs will be available within Raids.

credit: Pokemon Go Hub

Pokemon Go Week 2 Ultra Bonuses: September 9th – 16th

The next week of the Ultra Bonuses begins right after the final day of week one, and instead of the legendary Dogs, Deoxys’ four variants will be the Pokemon featured in the Raids. Double incubation continues, 7km eggs will provide Mr Mime, Kangaskhan, Tauros and Farfethch’d from gen 1. Lower tier raids will ensure direct counters of Deoxys.

credit: Pokemon Go Hub

Pokemon Go Week 3 Ultra Bonuses: September 16th – 23rd

The last of the Ultra bonuses happen as soon as week 2 ends, and this will coincide with the Pokemon Go gen 5 release date with a Mewtwo being available with Psystrike as a special move. Mewtwo will be available in level 5 Raids in addition to a shiny variant. Klink, Patrat and Lillipup will all be available in their shiny forms, and the double incubation finishes on the last day of week 3.

credit: Pokemon Go Hub

When is the Pokemon Go gen 5 release date?

Now that we’ve looked at the Ultra Bonuses we’ll get into what you’re actually here for; the Pokemon Go gen 5 release date, so you know exactly when the Unova region Pokemon will become available.

The Pokemon Go gen 5 release date is on September 16th, which is when the new generation Pokemon actually start appearing on your map. The exact list of all of the Gen 5 pokemon hasn’t been revealed just yet, but the addition we know about are the three starter Pokemon – Tepig, Snivy and Oshawott. We know for definite these three will be readily available in addition to their evolved states. A few shinies have also been confirmed which include Klink, Lillipup and Patrat, so at least we know these are coming. When we first saw gen 4 release there were a total of twelve confirmed Pokemon along with their evolved states, so we’ll certainly see more added on launch day.

If you want to know more, you can check out the Pokemon Go gen 5 release blog post.

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