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Battlefield 5 Open Beta – Is The Game Going To Be Polished For Release?

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So here we go star Struck Gaming fans with the Battlefield 5 open Beta has Dice and EA captured the feel of WW2 in the same way the did with the brilliant Battlefield 1, well read on and I will give my honest first impression.

First of all as you would expect the graphics are very slick, polished and smooth with amazing textures with the added explosions and the shine on your gun it all feels and looks very real. The movement of characters is also very convincing with very responsive controls which helps to traverse the large Rotterdam map and Narvik map you have access to in this Beta.

It could be Rotterdam… not really

Rotterdam is your classic capture the outposts and hold them to take down your your opponents ticket counter with narrow alleys and buildings to hide in and climb over the rubble of once grand buildings.
Hide amongst the abandoned trains creep up on your enemies by swimming down the canal, climb into a tank and roll in to the square to vanquish your enemy or even call in a buzz bomb to take out a large cluster of the opposition to let you claim a position.

The Narvik map is a grand operation set over 4 days with your numbers diminishing as the battle rages on, in this particular map you have to take out the gun emplacements by collecting the bomb and making your way to the large caliber guns to plant the bomb, it has to be said the snow effects on this level are highly impressive and give a real feel of depth to the game.

Entering this battle can be done by parachuting from the planes flying over the battle field allowing you to attack from any side you want where you want.

Now here’s the issue I have with the Battlefield 5 open beta, this issue is it doesn’t appear to know what sort of game it wants to be, on one hand it wants to be a historically accurate portrayal of WW2 bit on the flip side it feels very arcadey and has more than a hint of call of Duty about it. Battlefield 1 was very accurate with a very deep immersive WW1 feel with accurate guns and settings the guns in BF 5 feel very overpowered for the era their set.

I also thought it was fairly obvious the levels we were playing were simply rehashed levels from Battlefield 4, Rotterdam is clearly Paris with features been added and some taken away and fresh coat of paint added to take advantage of the PS4 pro and Xbox one X as I ran over a brick bridge I remembered it distinctly from BF 4 Metro area and the Kravik map again I think is obviously from the in the name of The Tsar expansion in Battlefield 1.

Also to Add to the arcadey feel of this new Battlefield there are clearly ideas borrowed from other games that I don’t think are particularly necessary such as the option to try to slow your bleeding out and calling for help or to hold another button to speed up your death, this just seems to slow you down getting back In to the game as other players completely ignore your calls, I sat and thought where I had seen this before, of course Gears of war.

As I continued to play more examples of borrowing from other games the parachuting in to your map was straight from medal of honour airborne and of course Fortnite, the ability to build barricades to defend yourself again Fortnite.

Also the trailer that was released showing utter chaos people blowing up, flying out of windows, ducking from large explosions, collapsing buildings as tanks drove through them, heavy guns being used and riding the back of jeeps is a million miles away from what you will experience in what is a very mediocre Beta which become boring very quickly.

Where’d everybody go?

Obviously we are missing the Battle royale modes and conquest maps which Is probably why the Battlefield 5 open beta loses its appeal so quickly, your expecting all out war when what you actually get to try is a very empty slow paced confused shoot em up.

So that’s my honest opinion of my time with Battlefield 5 here’s hoping the delayed release to November 20th will be used to help make sense of this current state of the game, were either going to get something brilliant and the Beta is just being used as a server test or we are going to have a massive step back from what was the Brilliant Battlefield 1.

The Battlefield 5 open beta in a nutshell

I’m hoping it will be the first, but hey again this is my personal opinion you may be loving the game and if you are that’s brilliant and I hope you have hours of fun, and anybody that is in 2 minds of purchasing Battlefield 5 I urge you to try this Beta it’s either gonna save you £50 or help you part with your cash with confidence and remember there is a lot missing from this Beta so maybe wait for the reviews or rent the game before committing to parting with your hard earned cash.

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