The Wolf Among Us 2 trailer has landed, get the original game free

Just when you thought The Wolf Among Us was dead in the water, a new The Wolf Among Us 2 trailer landed at the Game Awards 2019. Additionally, players are also given the opportunity to download and play the original instalment of The Wolf Among Us for a limited time period.

The Wolf Among Us 2 trailer in detail

During a press release, LCG Entertainment revealed The Wolf Among Us 2 trailer. Earlier this year LGC Entertainment revived the Telltale Games series following the closure of the developer last year.

Take what you will away from The Wolf Among Us 2 trailer, as that’s all we’ve got to go on for now. We do know that when the game does release that it’ll come as an exclusive to the Epic Games Store for both PC and consoles. The devs are keeping the details sealed tight, meaning we’ve got no info surrounding the plot, a release date, nor specifics surrounding the exclusivity on the Epic Games Store. Regardless of the sparse details available at this point, the reveal of The Wolf Among Us sequel could be seen as something of a miracle for fans after the studios behind the game closed their doors last year.

How to get the original game for free

If you’re brand new to The Wolf Among Us, now is as good a time as ever to catch up on the story that came from the first title. Normally you’d need to shell out around $15 (£11ish) to get your hands on the game. Players will have until Thursday, December 19th to get The Wolf Among us for free.

As a starter for the newbies out there, The Wolf Among Us is a choice-based episodic game surrounding the detective work of a fairytale wolf to solve a series of brutal murders. It will be up to you to make the right choices along the way to determine how the story unfolds, although for me I couldn’t resist playing through and seeing the alternate endings available.

We’re unlikely to see The Wolf Among Us 2 landing in 2020 but at least we know from The Wolf Among Us 2 trailer that the game is on its way.

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