When is Modern Warfare season 4 coming out?

modern warfare season 4 coming out

As a result of the Black lives Matter protests of late, Modern Warfare Season 4 is among several releases that have taken a back seat while the demonstrations take place. If you’ve been asking yourself the question of when is Modern Warfare season 4 coming out then believe us, you’re not alone! Although there’s yet to be an official announcement from Activision we’ve got some information for you about a possible Warzone Season 4 start date. Keep reading to get a better idea of when you’ll be diving back into the next phase of Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

When is Modern Warfare season 4 coming out?

so When is Modern Warfare season 4 coming out? As we’ve mentioned, Activision has been pretty quiet on the specifics of Modern Warfare season 4, Infinity Ward have also remained tight-lipped.

All we have for now is a statement that explains Modern Warfare season 4 coming out won’t happen until “later dates”. Once the dust settles on the current events in the real world its likely Activision will be ready to immerse us in warzone combat once again. This decision totally makes sense, so we’ll have to sit tight for now.

 A Twitter account known as Geeky Pastimes has used data mining to reveal information to suggest Modern Warfare is coming out on June 10th, although the accuracy of this may be unviable seeing as the initial season has only had a week delay, although it appears as though at least some challenges will be available then.
Aside from the delay with Modern Warfare Season 4 coming out, Sony also had to push back their PS5 live stream because of the current situation.

The Madden 21 event was also scheduled and again saw EA putting the event on the backburner.

What is coming in Modern Warfare season 4?

When we finally see Modern Warfare Season 4 coming out and Warzone, it’ll bring a new playable character into the game; captain price. Some say we might see a weapon we first got to grips with in Modern Warfare 2; the Vector SMG. The Scrapyard map is also on the cards apparently.

There’s also the possibility of seeing some new additions to Warzone which relate to the Warzone Bunkers specifically. The secret nuke housed in bunker 11 was discovered just last week by an array of players who were able to get inside. Are we looking at the intro of a brand new map, or some more subtle changes? We will see. for the moment, keep going with season 3 and we’ll report back soon.
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