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Fortnite Prisoner Stage 4 Is Coming, Here’s How To unlock Stages 2 & 3

Fortnite Prisoner Stage 4 prerequisites

Once you’re at the point of completing enough challenges, the Fortnite Prisoner Stages are completely optional to unlock, if you do manage to unlock them though you’ll be rewarded with The Prisoner which falls within the snowfall Battle Star locations. With the Fortnite Prisoner Stage 4  on the way, completing stages 2 and 3 are going to provide some new style unlocks.

Fortnite Prisoner Stages, getting to grips

In order to gear yourself up for Fortnite Prisoner Stage 4 you’re going to firstly need to meet the requirements to unlock the Prisoner skin. Within Fortnite Season 7 you will need to have completed sixty of the weekly challenge targets, and you can see how you’re getting on by checking out the screen of the Snowfall Secret Battle Star Locations.

After you meet the required objectives, the following screen will appear:

If you’re unfamiliar with Epic’s Prisoner Skins, its worth noting that there’s an additional three styles that you can choose to try and meet requirements for. The three style additions in question are being staggered into Prisoner Stages (or waves) which span across various weeks, you can find these by heading to an interacting with certain map locations.

It’s only speculation, but its quite likely that Season 7 is going to be the end point for unlocking these styles. In other words, if you wait for season 8 you’re going to miss your chance.

Prisoner stage locations on the map

In order to interact with the objects on the map, you need to ensure the Prisoner Skin is already equipped, it’s also worth noting you cannot complete these in random order – follow the sequence.

Once you unlock the first Prisoner Skin, the good news is that counts as completing Prisoner Stage 1.

Next up Prisoner Stage 2

In order to get onboard and start unlocking Prisoner Stage 2, you’ll want to head over to Polar Peak and equip the Prisoner Stage one style.

Try to land yourself on the roof of Polar Peak, make your way downstairs until you find an area that hosts a fire place on the back wall with tables situated on the side areas.

Didn’t get a chance to land on top? No worries, if you’re coming from the ground up, you can head up the steps to the top floor to stumble across the right area.

You’re now on the hunt for a key. Assuming you’re rocking the Prisoner skin you’ll want to head to the far desk and interact with it.

Once you finish the match you’ll find you’ve been rewarded with the Prisoner Stage 2 skin.

And now… Prisoner Stage 3

In order to unlock Prisoner Stage 3, you’ll first want to head over to the desert area. Once there look for Paradise Palms and head North. On the far side on the edge of the cliff you’ll find a campfire situated towards the mountain top.

Make your way towards the campfire and equip the Prisoner Skin, set the fire ablaze by interacting with it and this will trigger the unlock of the Prisoner Stage 3 outfit.

It’s worth noting that there’s a strong possibility other players will be after the unlock, and if they’re faster than you you’ll have to wait until a fresh match begins before interacting with the fire.

Finish off the match to receive a Stage 3 unlock confirmation.

Fortnite Prisoner Stage 4… in progress

At the time of writing this, we’re not too sure what the Fortnite Prisoner Stage 4 holds but it’s likely to be revealed in unison with the challenge update coming on Valentines Day (Feb 14th).

There have been a decent amount of leaks so we have an idea of what’s in store, thanks to a tweet from Fortnite:

Though you can get these in sequence without waiting once Stage 4 is available, you can get prepared by unlocking The Prisoner Stage 2 and Stage 3 ahead of time.

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