The Division 2 Capitol Defender Pack & How To Obtain Preorder Bonuses


The Division 2, this years Ubisoft Tom Clancy instalment, came with many different editions of the game and several preorder bonuses as a result. Among these bonuses there have been several reports about The Division 2 Capitol Defender Pack missing¬† – this is because you’re not simply granted all of the items at the beginning.

What you need to do to obtain your preorder bonuses is open the in-game menu in the stashes, even after you do though it still leaves you thinking The Division 2 Capitol Defender Pack missing is what’s going on. Fortunately this guide is here to help you obtain your preorder bonuses that you’ll have obtained across the various the division 2 editions.

If you fancy getting ahead of the game, why not check out Star struck gaming’s The Division 2 Wiki Guide?¬† You’ll find guides on how the systems work, as well as loads more how-to’s as and when they are written.

How to redeem The Division 2 Capitol Defender Pack

Your first step to getting anywhere near The Division 2 Capitol Defender Pack is to keep playing til you hit the White House section, you’ll know when you’ve reached this as it’s following the take-down of hyenas that are destroying the White House – after mission 2. Complete the mission that follows the White House entry and then double-back to the Quartermaster to find a Stash labelled chest behind you.

The Stash menu will pop up once you’ve cracked open the chest, and once it appears navigate to the top-right of the screen to click on the Envelope symbol. This is opened using R1 on PS4 or Right Bumper for Xbox One – PC players can simply click it. Once you’re in the right menu you’ll want to select the Grants tab by tapping X or A on controller – again simply click for PC. Any eligible preorder bonuses will now appear which should include The Division 2 Capitol Defender Pack.

If you the The Division 2 Capitol Defender Pack missing then it’s worth closing down the game and booting up again to see if it loads your bonuses.

What’s included in The Division 2 Capitol Defender Pack?

So this fancy pack sounds good, but what exactly does The Division 2 Capitol Defender Pack have to offer? Sue there’s a few items that come in handy, but it’s also going to depend on whether you ordered the standard, Gold or special edition of the game.

The Division 2 Capitol Defender Pack – cosmetics

to begin with, as a standard you’ll get a range of different cosmetics which can range from skill FX slots to additional character apparels. Want to add some sexiness to the things you’re blowing up? The Sparkler for the seeker Mine is just what you need. you might consider some of the items to provide you with some needed camouflage while the other cosmetic items don’t really provide too much benefit to your weapon or character stats. Looking under the skills tab is where you’ll be able to equip your additional FX slots, while swiping left in the inventory menu is the place to equip your bonus apparel.

the division 2 capitol defender pack – Lullaby SPAS-12

Within your preorder bonuses across the various editions will be something much more useful than the cosmetics; two additional weapons which include the Lullaby Shotgun and the Ruthless rifle. First up is the lullaby Shotgun which comes as standard as part of The Division 2 Capitol Defender Pack, packing a brutal punch this beast of a weapon won’t come with any base level mod slots but by no means does this hold it back. It takes a moment to reload the shotgun so dodging attacks while you do so will be necessary.Close and personal is the key with this weapon, once you’re in range the recipient won’t stand a chance.

At a level one base rate the Lullaby Shotgun has a 70 RPM fire rate and damage deals 2,100. There’s a reload time of 5.4 seconds and 8 bullets can be held at one time in the magazine.

the division 2 capitol defender pack – Ruthless rifle

Next up is the Ruthless rifle, this one can be found within the Secret agent pack, and has a decent damage rate in comparison to some of the other in-game weapons. In order to use it to its full potential, rather than firing two shots simultaneously you’ll want to hold down your firing button for just the one shot. The Ruthless Rifle packs some serious kickback so the single fire option can help with managing that. From a base level there doesn’t appear to be much else you can do with the weapon other than equip the Optics Rail in the mod slot.

The Ruthless rifle has an RPM firing rate of 260, dealing a total damage of 300. The magazine for the Ruthless rifle can carry 30 bullets in its chambers.

Keep your Lullaby Shotgun and Ruthless rifle handy

When you’re looking over your shiny new weapon stats you will see Ruthless Upgrade or Lullaby Upgrade being something to upgrade to when you’re able to. For this reason it’s always worth keeping hold of these Exotic weapons, and as you work through The division 2 you’ll be able to increase weapon levels at the crafting station. If you don’t have the weapon, you won’t be able to upgrade it!

That about covers The Division 2 Capitol Defender Pack and preorder bonuses, but we’ll be adding many more guides as and when they’re available and as our writers progress through the story.

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