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Even if you’ve just started the Division 2, the likelihood is you’ve noticed the locked box within the White House which need a total of eight keys to reveal its contents. These keys are called Ivory Keys, and if you want to unlock the crate you’ll need to know the Division 2 Ivory Key locations, which aren’t obtainable simply by playing mission after mission. In order to track down the Division 2 Ivory Keys a total of twelve hunters need to be killed, hunters are essentially high-tier leaders/bosses. Each of these bosses holds a riddle that you’ll need to figure out to obtain the Ivory key, so if this is your current objective is to track down the Ivory Keys  then this Division 2 Ivory Key guide will help massively. This article includes how to find the keys in addition to cracking open the crate.

What do the Ivory keys do?

Should you have already found one of the Ivory Keys you’re already an eight of your way to obtaining them all, we already know what’s inside the locked crate but we’ll details that towards the end of this guide – scroll down though if you like spoilers!

Before we go into the Division 2 Ivory Key guide you’ll want to know where the locked crate is. Enter your base of operations at the White House, head past the vendor and Quartermaster and then take the right immediately after. If you’ve progressed enough this is where the barber will be located, and additionally you’ll find the crate atop a table waiting for those Ivory keys.

Division 2 Ivory Keys guide – how to obtain them

Before we go into what the Ivory Keys unlock, it’s worth noting how they’re actually obtained, it isn’t as straightforward as you might think. There’s not much point even attempting these Ivory key searches unless you’re in the level 30’s as the Hunters (or bosses) are a whopping level 35. Without our Division 2 Ivory Key guide you’d be extremely lucky to encounter them just by playing as they’re well hidden enemies.

If you visit the Division 2 Ivory Key locations whilst in another players game then taking down said Hunter will not provide the reward of an Ivory Key, high-end loot will be given as a reward but that’s not what we want here. You need to be in your own game, whilst there are 12 Hunters in total providing masks (that’s another story), you only need to kill eight of them for the Ivory Keys. As you take down a Hunter, much like loot drops the Ivory Key will drop once they are defeated.

If you’re looking for the Division 2 Ivory Key guide to the locations, these tie in with completing the Division 2 masks which we’ve covered in a separate guide. Taking down the eight Hunters from the masks guide will also reward you with an Ivory Key, so long as the Hunters include the Diamond, Cross, Death, Revenant, Midas, and Phantom kills.

Never taken down Hunters before? No worries. Basically try and be the group leader when you take down a Hunter, there have been reports of a group taking down a Hunter and only the leader getting an Ivory Key.

Division 2 Ivory Key guide – what’s in the crate?

Our Division 2 Ivory Key guide rounds off with actually knowing what your hard work is for. The contents of the crate is shown below, so if you don’t wish to know it’s worth scrolling back up the guide!

The crate will include the assault rifle called the Spinterer F2000 which WILL pack a punch to anyone on the receiving end. If you’re not at Tier 5 just yet and have all the Ivory Keys, it’s worth waiting til you reach Tier 5 to ensure you get the weapon at its most powerful stage. The Hunter’s Axe backpack trophy in addition to a white weapon cosmetic will also be included. That wraps up our Division 2 Ivory Key guide, and its now down to you to decide whether the effort is worth the rewards inside the crate!

We’ll soon see the launch of Division 2 expeditions, after Ubisoft announced this during E3 2019. Who said anything about an endgame!?

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