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Pokemon Go team medallion guide: how to use the item to switch teams


One of the worst aspects of being a current-gen gamer is having to make a choice in any game, especially if you’re indecisive and it means you’re stuck with it for the entire game. At the beginning of Pokemon Go you’d have reached a high enough level and then  selected between the various teams, being stuck like glue (unless if course you restarted the game). A recent update to the game has come to save the day, introducing the Pokemon Go team medallion which will finally allow you to change your allegiance. Read on to find out how to change teams in Pokemon Go using the Pokemon Go team medallion.

The best Pokemon Go teams before you switch

Before we go into the nitty gritty of the Pokemon Go team medallion, have you thought about which team you want to switch to? It’s not just about colour, it could be the team your mates belong to while you’re on a team by yourself. Instinct are probably down the list as the less popular, with team Valor coming up next, and team Mystic is essentially the team with the most members. It’d be much more fun to switch to the team that most of your friends reside in, regardless of the team’s popularity. The experience is much more fun when you’re in a team with freinds rather than going solo and not knowing anyone, especially where raids are concerned giving better rewards for players on the same side.

How to change teams using the Pokemon Go team medallion

In order to change your team the first thing you’ll want to do is head to the in-game store and purchase the Pokemon Go team medallion item. There will be a cost of 1000 coins to be able to purchase the medallion, which if you haven’t got coins saved will cost about £9 or there about. The issue here though is that you’d need to fork out £10 in order to grab the necessary 1200 Pokecoins so if you’re not in a rush it might be worth waiting to save the coins.


Should you have purchased and used the Pokemon Go team medallion and had Pokemon in a gym under a different allegiance, they will be there until another team knocks them out of the gym before they’re returned to you. If you haven’t used the Pokemon Go team medallion just yet then it’d be worthwhile ensuring you have your P{okemon on-hand rather than in a gym as they have no benefit of keeping them in the gym, as they won’t return with coins when they’re back.

Bear in mind that the Pokemon Go team medallion item is only available to buy once a year (every 365 days), so ensure you are certain of which team you want to switch to and that you absolutely want the change. If you’re unsure it’s worth waiting until you’re certain as you’d need to wait a whole year to switch again. After you’ve purchased the Pokemon Go team medallion you can use it when you’re ready, it’ll be available ion your inventory until you are.


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