Red Dead Online Making Money – Guide To Earning In-Game Currency

Red Dead Redemption Online making money

Those who’ve already been smashing through the Red Dead 2 campaign will now have familiarised themselves with the game’s money making mechanism, however Red Dead Redemption Online making money is a tad different. Just when you thought you were the cash master… sad times. With Red Dead 2 Online there’s a noticeable difference, in that there are now types of currency, and if you thought making money in single player was hard, Red Dead Redemption Online Making Money is a lot slower.

It’s still pretty early days with our experience of Red dead 2 Online, but we thought it’d be useful to share what we’ve learnt so far in relation to Red Dead Redemption Online making money.

Making money work for you in Red Dead 2 Online

In order to earn yourself some cash in reed Dead Online, you’ll do some similar activities in the same way you do in single player; completing side-tasks and robbing those less fortunate. Amounts can vary significantly, and the rationale for the cash is to get yourself new gear during your journey.

Red Dead 2 Online offers two different types of currency, this includes the regular Dollars in addition to earning cold-hard Gold. The main difference between Gold and Dollars is the way they’re used through your cowboy adventure. if you build up your Gold reserves this will allow you to unlock upgrades such as a point of Fast Travel which is located in your camp (which would normally be unusable until you reach level 65). Additionally, you’ll be able to purchase cosmetic upgrades like accessories for your horse or perhaps a shiny new belt to hold your weapons.

You know how we love (or not) micro-transactions well this is one way of building up Gold reserves, or you can enjoy a grind to build the flow much much slower.

Dollars (or the currency we’re used to) serves a slightly different purpose; ammo, weapon upgrades, various cosmetics, as well as camp upgrades can be purchased just to name a few. You’ll be able to increase your reserves of Dollars just by playing the game and enjoying the game as you’re used to with single player.

You’ll know if you’ve already jumped onto the bandwagon (or horse wagon) that Rockstar’s Red Dead 2 online is still in its early beta stages, meaning in-game features could potentially change, so the way the currency works right now may not be permanent.

Red Dead Redemption Online making money has another significant difference to that of the Red Dead single mode, that is, activities like looting fallen cowboys is going to give you a a lot less money than you’d walk away with. to put this into perspective single player looting might give you a few dollars, Red dead 2 Online on the other hand is going to give you much less for your effort. Three Dollars in single player might give you $3, Online might give you 30 cents – ouch!

Unfortunately the fact that you’re making such little money through your journey isn’t helped in that the purchases come at quite a significant cost. As an example it’s going to cost you a hefty $1000 for a Mauser pistol. So in essence if you want to earn your way rather than pay real money for micro-transactions, it’s gonna take you a while to progress.

Although its still going to prove a bit of a grind, we’ve found a few ways you can get your Red Dead Redemption Online making money that little bit easier. We hold our hands up though that its still much grindier (if that’s a word) than your main story.

Red Dead Redemption Online making money – earn it a little faster

Complete missions as you find them – As per the base requirement of single player mode Red Dead Online will see you taking home generous rewards for completing story missions as well as their bonus objectives where available. press the left D Pad button to bring up your in-game log and you’ll be able to see exactly which objectives are available.

Take on multiplayer playlists – Although it only provides small increments of dough you may wish to attempt one of the various multiplayer missions, each providing anything from $4 upwards for 10 minutes of your time per round. These include but are not limited to Showdown Series, Race series, and Large Showdown series.

Hunt your prey – In comparison to single player, Red Dead Online rewards you a little more for hunting than the other ways of Red Dead Redemption Online making money in that selling a pelt will earn you about the same as what you’d get for a sale in single player. In other words this one is worth pursuing when you can.

Loot, Loot, and loot some more – Knowing how hard Red Dead Redemption Online making money is, every cent you earn really does make a difference (as disheartening as that might be). If you’ve just put a bullet through a gang of five, it will be in your interest to loot each and every one of them bare. You may even stumble across a valuable item while looting a body, but again this is down to chance, you might just get lucky. If you find a lock box, say under a desk or on the back of a stagecoach these may also contain something more exciting in value.

Collect treasure maps – The maps in Red Dead Online are a tad different to single player, you won’t need to complete a puzzle to be able to track down the treasure. instead you will be given a treasure map, x marks the spot (or area) and you’ll head there and get rewarded with a chest with some loot once you find it. Each map can hold anything from up to $100 (possibly more) in addition some other bits and pieces like trinkets. Once you start red Dead online you’ll get your first map for nothing and then an additional map once you reach level ten, the others can be found on dead bodies or often at enemy camps dotted around the world.

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