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E3 2019 may same like a distant memory, but the fruits of the show still resonate with many of us, especially with all the games that were announced through the show. The Division 2 Expeditions were one such announcement leaving many players asking questions surrounding what the point of these are. In a nutshell the The Division 2 Expeditions are a new set of missions which will allow to players to access new areas that we’ve not seen available previously, and the best part about them is they’ll be available free for all Division 2 owners.

Division 2 Expeditions release date

According to the announcement during E3 2019 we are due to see the Expeditions being added to the core game at some point in July 2019. Many players will have jumped into the game during the free weekend on June 13th 2019, so if you’re one of them and still on board, you’ll be able to download The Division 2 Expeditions update.


What exactly are The Division 2 Expeditions?

Ubisoft put a post out surrounding more details on Expeditions, which states that “unique challenges and lore not found anywhere else: new collectibles, treasure rooms, environmental puzzles, unique boss mechanics, and more.” will be offered.

We didn’t think the brief gave much away, but digging a little deeper we’ve found that after Division 2 Expeditions are released, your in-game HUD will show an additional missions. You can get to Division 2 Expeditions by heading to the White House and visiting the helicopter pilot located on the the exterior (similar to how you would for starting a raid). The alternative (and my preferred way) is to just head to the map and fast travel.

Division 2 Expeditions are set to launch in three intervals, which will link in with three different Expedition locations, so it’s worth noting these releases won’t all be at the same time. We know at least that the first one launches in July. Once they launch each Expedition, there’s no rush to complete them as they’ll be there to stay. “exclusive treasure room full of rewards” will be yours for the taking after you polish off all three locations.

Apparently the Expeditions are compared to be similar to that of the Division 2 masks locations, in that players are left in the dark to essentially uncover a puzzle in order to complete the Expedition.

Division 2: Expeditions and Mastery

With the Division 2 Expeditions launching next month we are also set to see a new challenge system to coincide, which is set to be called the Mastery System. If you’re one for a challenge you’ll be able to attempt the Mastery challenges in order to earn rewards ranging from bronze to gold. Performance will come into the Mastery System in that each challenge is location-specific, so there’s no point throwing a turret and hanging back hoping for gold.

Once more details on Division 2 Expeditions emerges, including the exact release date, we’ll ensure this guide is kept up to date accordingly.

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