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The Division 2 BTSU Data Gloves: how to obtain the new exotic armour

If you finished the main story of Division 2 the likelihood is you’re ready for more action, scouting the get your gear stats to the highest possible stages. If this sounds like you then youR...[Read More]


Would you play Division 2 single player spin-offs? TT Games Director asks

You’re not alone as a Division 2 player if you’ve ever thought it’d be cool for the game to be a Division 2 single player-only title. Obviously the current game relies on smashing th...[Read More]

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Tom Clancy’s the Division 2 review

Before we get into the nitty gritty of our Tom Clancy’s the Division 2 review, it’s worth noting that this is one of those sequels that can still be enjoyed and understood even if you have...[Read More]


Division 2 secret side missions guide

While scouring the Washington D.C map in the Division 2 you’ll have been so busy hammering control points, main missions and other activities you never even noticed the Division 2 secret side mi...[Read More]


Division 2 masks guide – all mask locations and puzzle solutions explained

For the players out there that cannot get enough of their collectables, or the ones who like to look as epic as their weapons, you need the Division 2 masks for your collection. There are a total of t...[Read More]


Division 2 Ivory Key guide

Even if you’ve just started the Division 2, the likelihood is you’ve noticed the locked box within the White House which need a total of eight keys to reveal its contents. These keys are c...[Read More]


Division 2 Expeditions explained

E3 2019 may same like a distant memory, but the fruits of the show still resonate with many of us, especially with all the games that were announced through the show. The Division 2 Expeditions were o...[Read More]


The Division 2 Dark Zone unlock guide

After Ubisoft announced at E3 2019 that a free weekend for The Division 2 was coming up, more players than ever began jumping into the game. If you’re one of the newcomers, you may be wondering ...[Read More]


The Division 2 servers Down Again – Here’s All Planned Downtime Details

18th April update*** Once again we are seeing The Division 2 servers down for patching and maintenance, Ubisoft reckons they’ll be back up and running again today (April 18th) at around 06:30 AM...[Read More]

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