The Division 2 servers Down Again – Here’s All Planned Downtime Details


18th April update*** Once again we are seeing The Division 2 servers down for patching and maintenance, Ubisoft reckons they’ll be back up and running again today (April 18th) at around 06:30 AM EDT, 12:30 PM CEST and 3:30AM PDT times.

The Division 2 servers down – original report

Ubisoft have communicated on their online forum that players can expect to see The Division 2 servers down so it’s worth getting the most action out of your early access The Division 2 play before they take the servers offline. As communicated in the forum Ubisoft states that it’s adding a ”small patch” within the maintenance window which will see The Division 2 servers down – so while this happens it’s worth having a read as to how to obtain the Capitol defender pack and checking out our Division 2 wiki guide.

The downtime for the Division 2 has been shifted by around 30 minutes with the total downtime not having any real change. We’re due to see The Division 2 servers down from 0 AM GMT, 4:00 AM EDT, and 1:00 AM PDT. The downtime for the maintenance is due to last a maximum of three hours after this time, so you should be up and running again after that.

The problem with these patch windows being planned ahead for is that things can and very often do go wrong which turns into more downtime while the patches are applied. Getting onto The Division 2 early access programme is a pretty awesome perk if you pre-ordered the right edition, so it would suck pretty hard if the devs at Ubi were to take chunks out of any more of that play time. Hats do go off to those over at ubi that are clearly working some very late and tiresome hours to ensure we have a streamlined and smooth time playing – so there’s that to think of as well.

Will we often see The Division 2 servers down?

Fortunately there haven’t been any reports of The Division 2 servers down being a regular thing, no news is good news. The first Division had downtime around once or twice each week which saw some downtime of anything up to three hours, so we could well see a similar trend with The Division 2. It’s bad practise to be midway through a lengthy mission for a prompt to appear saying you’ve lost connection (when in fact it’s the servers going down).

In my opinion though it’s worth having some downtime every now  and then if it means the game is going to work flawlessly for the majority of the time.

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