The Division 2 BTSU Data Gloves: how to obtain the new exotic armour


If you finished the main story of Division 2 the likelihood is you’re ready for more action, scouting the get your gear stats to the highest possible stages. If this sounds like you then you’ll have heard about all of the new Exotic gear such as armour steadily becoming available to the player base. One of the most recent pieces to arrive is The Division 2 BTSU Data Gloves. These gloves can have a real benefit to your overall loadout, so they’re certainly worth tracking down for some gear enhancements. Keep scrolling for everything you need to know about The Division 2 BTSU Data Gloves such as key stats and talents, in addition to how you can pick them up.

The Division 2 BTSU Data Gloves talents

Do bear in mind that if you haven’t got a loadout that’s based on skills then you probably won’t find any initial benefit to owning The Division 2 BTSU Data Gloves, mainly because their core attributes are skill-based. On the other hand, if you utilise a skill build then these will be worth your while.

The first talent of the data gloves is the ‘Charged Proxies‘ attribute: 1.25 seconds after a skill has been thrown you’ll see a massive explosion that will deal damage within a 6-metre radius to nearby enemies. A decent 50% damage increase will apply to any enemies that are impacted by the status effects.

Next up we have the ‘Energy Infusion‘ Talent: Your data gloves will inherit a status for 60 seconds after you apply the effect, during this time you’ll benefit from an increase of 10% skill repair and healing, a 10% rise to skill damage, and a skill duration of plus 10% for every Utility equipped on your loadout.

Last but by no means least is the ‘Elemental Gadgetry‘ Talent which will apply a huge 50% increase to skill haste and a plus 50% status effect duration.

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