Blackout Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Guide To Be The Last Man Standing

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Blackout Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 – getting started

The Blackout Call of Duty mode could potentially be the first time getting stuck in with a battle royale mode in-game. Games like Fortnite and PUBG have already been doing this for a while. Whether it’s your first battle royale experience and your hundredth, things can often get a little overbearing very quickly. If you’re a previous CoD player you’ll notice things in Blackout that aren’t in your standard multiplayer match such as the game mechanics, no need to panic though as we’ve got you covered with a few hints and tips to get you started.

Get to know your guns

Even though there’s no telling what a loot drop will hold with them spawning fairly randomly, that’s not to say you can’t begin edging towards a build of gun plus attachment straight off the bat. When you find a weapon that suits you, it’ll be beneficial to learn te ammo it uses along with the attachments that work best. In doing so, once you manage to scavenge this particular weapon you’ll be able to customise it to your preferred build, as well as having a massive amount of bullets that you have already collected along the way.

Take the risk with supply drops

When playing Blackout Call Of Duty you’ll find that helicopters will drop supplies every now and then, and with them you’ll find they offer some of the best loot you can find. Although they may lure you in there are some pretty huge risks in going ahead and vaulting towards one. You’re not going to be the only player who can see them, every other player will see the drops flag up on their map with the exact location being pinpointed with red flares.

One of the issues with the bells and whistles of the supply drops is that loads of opponents will sprint towards it. If you choose to make a run for it on foot, make sure you have a weapon at the ready for a gun fight. Manage to get yourself a vehicle and you could dash in and out before anyone else gets to the loot. A combination of level 3 armour and one of the better guns in the game could potentially get you the loot, but i reality you could also end up staring to the clouds. It’s a risky gamble that you’ll have to decide on, but it could well be in your interest to do so.

Work the inner circle

One of the Blackout Call of Duty aspects that are slightly on the random side is the surrounding circle, that also goes for where it appears at the start of a match. Landing yourself around the centre area of the map will give you an advantage to making it across to the safe area, that is if you’ve not luckily landed in it already. You’ll find that the circle isn’t an issue to begin with, but becomes more of a problem towards the later stages of a match.

One aspect of making Blackout Call of Duty that bit more challenging is that the circle collapses are inconsistent, so the circle that follows the one you may currently be within doesn’t spawn in the same area you’d think it’d appear in. As it collapses you will notice the safe zone will move around which will mean you’re likely to need to head south, east, north or west from your previous location as you await the appearance of the next circle. It’s important to never just assume the next circle will spawn nearby to where the current circle is, as it’ll end up landing you a good sprint away from the next.

If you haven’t already, you’ll now be able to get winning some matches with Blackout Call of Duty Black Ops 4.

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