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How to do the Fifa 20 loyalty glitch in Ultimate Team on PS4 and Xbox One


Making use of the Fifa 20 loyalty glitch in ultimate team is by no means a new concept, its been around for a few years now for use in previous Fifa titles like Fifa 19. What players want to know however is how to make the Fifa 20 loyalty glitch work for them, read on to find out all of the steps.

To enable the Fifa 20 loyalty glitch you first need to purchase the entire SBC player roster, once you’ve done that you need to add them to the SBC menu. Next, copy that squad roster by hitting L2 or Left Trigger making this team the active one that you’ll be using. Head over to the squad battles area and submit a challenge for the TOTW in Fifa 20. You now need to start the game and begin kick-off, only playing the match until the timer reaches the 60-second mark, once it does hit pause and head back to the PlayStation or Xbox One dashboard by hitting the PS or Xbox Guide button. Head into your PlayStation/Xbox One network settings and turn off your internet connection before connecting it again.

Head back into Fifa 20 and at this point, your Ultimate Team connection will have disconnected. Exit the match and head to the main menu and start Ultimate Team mode back up. Hover over one of your players and press R3/Right stick to bring up their player bio, checking how many matches they’ve played. You need to do this entire process nine more times, and you can do this faster by pressing the PS button twice at the pause screen which will take you directly to network settings.

The Fifa 20 loyalty glitch has no impact on your Ultimate team record assuming you’ve followed the steps correctly, but do bear in mind that you’ll probably need to apply some player contracts to get them to play in all then matches.

What is the Fifa 20 loyalty glitch?

Now that we’ve covered how to do the Fifa 20 loyalty glitch, what’s the benefit of doing it? The main reason players use the glitch is to rapidly increase the chances of completing squad building challenges. Ultimate Team is the only mode supporting Loyalty, and the purpose of Loyalty is to provide extra chemistry points for each of your players. You’ll see a green shield symbol if you check out your players on the squad selection screen. If no loyalty applies to a player their shield will appear grey.

Loyalty will apply to any players straight out of a pack, with the highest chemistry rating being then. After playing ten matches each player will receive additional loyalty points. there are a number of squad building challenges which will require your players to have higher chemistry, and often Loyalty is a minimum requirement to be able to finish a challenge. Ten matches is a hard grind though if you’re simply looking to finish the squad building challenges, and that’s where the Fifa 20 Loyalty glitch makes it much easier!

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