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Devil May Cry 5 Difficulty Levels Guide


If you’ve been a fan of the Devil May Cry series for a while now, or even if you’ve only played the last title you’ll know they offer a decent challenge. The Devil May Cry 5 difficulty levels are no exception, the harder difficulty tiers available can be pretty insane to say the least. The way devil May Cry games usually go is to start out at a lower difficulty level and once players complete the game they can introduce harder challenges.

Devil May Cry 5 difficulty levels – making the game more challenging

One of the biggest changes players will encounter as they progress through the Devil May Cry 5 difficulty levels is that the amount of health available will be reduced, and more challenging enemies with increased health and abilities.

From the previous devil May Cry titles the abilities that are earned by completing the lower tier difficulty levels are usable in the harder levels – Devil May Cry 5 will likely carry on this trait.

As you complete the game on the lower Devil May Cry 5 difficulty levels this will automatically unlock the more challenging difficulty modes – which can then be immediately attempted, but should not bee taken lightly.

The difficulty can be changed by accessing the Start Screen within a mission.

What are the Devil May Cry 5 difficulty levels?

Listing from easiest to the most insane diffuctlyt levels these are the tiers that will become available as you complete the game on the lowest levels.

  • Human
  • Devil Hunter
  • Nephilim
  • Son Of Sparda
  • Dante Must Die
  • Heaven Or Hell
  • Hell And Hell

Human Mode – the chilled approach

This is the most basic amongst all the modes and is definitely classed as the ‘Easy’ setting, Devil May Cry 3 as an example unlocks this mode once you’ve died three times – enemies and bosses will have a limited amount of health and deal very little damage to Dante.

Devil Hunter – A Normal stance

If you are looking for the equivalent of what most games class as ‘normal’ then you’re going to want to select the devil Hunter Mode. Players will find this mode a challenge with what feels more of a battle than your standard Normal Mode among most action games.


This mode is for players that have already completed the above Devil May Cry 5 Difficulty Levels and are used to how the franchise works, in addition are looking for the fully fledged devil May Cry  experience.

Son of Sparda – Things are warming up (after first completion)

Son of Sparda is what we’d class as ‘Hard’ Mode and is unlocked after you have completed the game on either of the above difficulty levels. You’ll find taking on this mode is going to see enemies having increased health and at the same time dealing more damage.

Dante Must Die Mode – Now this is getting challenging

Dante Must die is stepping things up another notch, the amount of health enemies have is around double that of Son of Sparda. Enemy attacks are more frequent as well as dealing bigger damage increments. Taking previous Devil May Cry titles into consideration, Devil Triggers will be used by enemies which they won’t hesitate to use. Son of Sparda mode must be beaten once in order to unlock Dante Must die mode.

Heaven Or Hell Mode – Not for the easily frustrated

Heaven or Hell is going to see players being dead on the spot as soon as they take a hit, but on the flip side you can also take down enemies with one blow to finish them off. The entire play through will see players being provided with just 3-4 lives – not for the faint-hearted whatsoever. To unlock Heaven or hell mode players will need to have finished the game once on Son of Sparda.

Hell Or Hell Mode – You will not survive

Hell or Hell is by far the toughest mode within Devil May Cry 5, or in the entire franchise altogether. The difference between this and Heaven or hell mode is that you’ll still get three lives and be killed should you take a single hit, but enemies on the other hand will need more than just the one hit. This is not too dissimilar to the Dante Must Die when comparing the Devil May Cry 5 Difficulty Levels.In order to unlock this you’ll need to beat the game on Heaven or hell mode once.

Now that you’ve got to grips with the Devil May Cry 5 difficulty levels why not check out our Devil May Cry 5 wiki guide, which is where we’ll keep all of our guides as and why they are written.

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