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Anthem Difficulty Tiers

Anthem walkthrough
Welcome to Star Struck Gaming’s complete Anthem walkthrough guide, taking you from the main menu of the game right the way through to when the end credits roll. Included in our Anthem walkthrough will be areas such as boss battle tactics and item locations.Technically BioWare created Anthem to join forces with other players, Star Struck Gaming’s Anthem walkthrough will details the best loadouts to use on each expedition we cover.

Anthem difficulty tiers – Selecting the difficulty level

Unlike a lot of games that set Easy/Medium/Hard difficulties, Anthem has six difficulties for you to choose from. The latter three difficulty levels require you to be level 30 before you can attempt them.


Starting at the bottom difficulty tier, this is the option to select if you’re not looking for a challenge but just wish to enjoy everything Anthem’s story has on offer. You won’t receive loot, bonuses or XP and enemies won’t put up much of a fight.


Normal is the basic/average setting within Anthem, offering some challenging fights and encounters without them being too overwhelming. For those who’ve played pretty much any shooter players will find this level to be both exciting and enticing. Minor loot and XP bonuses will accompany normal mode.


If you’re looking for something a little more challenging, Hard mode is the way to go. Enemy health and damage (they deal)  increases by a whopping 52%, meaning assembling a team to help you out is going to be key. Rare loot and gear are much more acquirable in Hard Mode too which makes it a worthwhile choice if you can cope with it.

Bear in mind you can always amend your difficulty settings as necessary, and with this in mind ramping it up to Hard Mode is great once you hit level 8 and acquire the second Javelin. Once you hit level 10 you’ll probably have played through enough.

Grandmaster 1 (Pilot level 30 required)

Once you reach level 30 you’ll be able to jump onto this next difficulty tier. You will find that once you reach this point in Anthem that re-playing missions and grinding are the norm to Masterwork your equipment. Once you hit this rank, your drop rate chance will peak to 164 percent. Do note though that damage and health ratings for enemies also increase 165 percent. A Javelin power of above 300 will be necessary if you want to overcome these challenges.

You could, in theory, make your way in front of your mates but it’s not really the best approach in doing so.

Grandmaster 1 (Pilot level 30 required)

Next up is the second level which falls above the Grandmaster 1 difficulty. After attempting this setting, you really need to understand what the term ‘Anthem grinding’ is first. 430 percent health and damage increase applies to enemies in this setting, but on the flip side a 428 percent chance of a Masterwork weapon spawn also applies. You’ll have to way up the fine line between risk and reward at this point. Sticking with and communicating with your team will be crucial to ensure success, being that the difficulty jump is now headed towards boiling point.

With this difficulty setting players will need to get to grips with the builds that work best for them, and playstyle means builds can vary greatly. Standing out amongst your team is important, so if you don’t quite know your preferred build, take a seat and work with what you have available.

Grandmaster 1 (Pilot level 30 required)

The final and toughest of all the Anthem difficulty settings, and if you’re going to attempt it you need to know every corner of the game. Your team needs to be bulletproof, and needs to have the mentality to take on the toughest challenges yet. 950 percent damage and health score increases apply, however a 956 percent Masterwork gear drop rate chance is also on your side. This means you can grab some items that pack some real punches.

Not only will you be required to prep your Javelin Build, but your team mates will need to ensure it collaborates well with their own builds. If you’re going to be successful in this setting, communication with your squad is crucial, with this difficulty setting being aimed solely at the most hardcore Anthem players. This one is no messing about!

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