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How to get XP fast in Fortnite

How to get XP fast in Fortnite
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A huge element of playing Fortnite is the levelling up system, but does it have to be so slow and aggravating? As the new season rolls on through more and more people are wondering, what on earth is the fastest way to level up in Fortnite? Also, what is the fastest way to get through this new battle pass because we all want those sweet, sweet cosmetics? We’ve created this guide so you know how to get XP fast in Fortnite, breeze through the battle pass, up your game and also blast past your friends. Listen closely, take some notes and you’ll be flying through the levels in no time.

If you want to level up fast you’ll need to gain as much XP as you possibly can in each and every match you play. You can gain XP just by jumping into a game and participating, but you’ll significantly boost the amount of XP you receive based on your in-game stats and performance. Medals and challenges also give you a modest amount of XP, these can be found in your lobby menu and in the pause screen. 

Unfortunately, you won’t find any alternative routes to levelling up fast besides playing the game and putting in the hard work and hours. Although, if you follow closely to the tips we’ll give you, you’ll be levelling up faster than you can say Salty Springs.

Image credit: Epic games

1. How to get XP fast in Fortnite: Call A friend?

Some challenges are particularly challenging, yet the more challenging they are the greater the XP rewards, so if you’re stuck what do you do? Get your friends on of course! Fortnite offers a party assist option. This is where you can get your friends to help out. After turning on party assist your friends will be able to contribute towards your challenges and help you level up faster. 

2. How to get XP fast in Fortnite: Complete daily Challenges

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Fortnite gives you a list of new challenges every day, all of which will provide you with a nice and juicy XP reward which of course will be more than useful in your journey through the ranks. These challenges are usually not insanely hard and are more than ‘doable’ for the average player. These challenges could include; Getting Eliminations with specific guns, Searching chests in certain landmarks on the map and sometimes just getting eliminations as its own challenge. If you jump on once a day for a week you can make around 10,000 XP just from daily challenges, that’s pretty substantial in the long run and it really does add up to a lot of levels. What’s good about the daily challenges is the ability to re-roll any challenges that don’t necessarily tickle your fancy. Got to get 10 kills with a sniper but coincidently you suck with a sniper? Re-roll and you could find yourself with a nice easy SMG challenge.

3. How to get XP fast in Fortnite: Attempt new Missions Every Week

This season we’ve been given all the challenges for free. Prior to this season, most challenges were locked behind the micro-payment wall of the battle pass which would’ve been mildly disappointing for anyone without the battle pass trying to level up fast. This is amazing news because now everyone will have access to the stupidly easy missions that give you a huge sum of XP. Each of these mission challenges will give you 52,000 XP… That tends to add up to 500,000 plus XP per week. If you want to level up fast, you have to do these challenges. It’s absolutely essential. Unfortunately, you can’t re-roll these challenges so keep that in mind when you jump on in the coming weeks.

4. How to get XP fast in Fortnite: Get lots Of Medals

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These medals have been around for a while and here’s the gist of it. You’ll have a daily punchcard. You can fill this punchcard by doing small things in-game. For example, this could include; Eliminations, Position and time survived, searching chests and opening drops. These Medals don’t give you tons of XP like the weekly missions but they do give you enough to make a difference. The reward may be small but they definitely do add up.

The punchcard resets every day, so with the combination of both your punchcard and your daily challenges you’ll be kept busy. Just remember, nothing comes without hard work and in the long run you’ll become a better player as well as a high level one.

5. How to get XP fast in Fortnite: Just Play!

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When you play Fortnite you’ll gain XP for pretty much every move you make. Gaining Kills is a huge source of XP, so going for kills instead of wins can sometimes be more efficient. I’d recommend landing in what are called hotspots, these are areas which are essentially the areas with the most players. For example; This could be the area right underneath where the battle bus spawns, this is because people tend to spam their jump button in order to instantly deploy from the bus and find quick action with other players. You could also deploy in areas such as Salty Springs and the centre island, these are very popular spots for players to spawn at.

This isn’t to say that wins and high positions don’t reward high, because they do. What you want to do is look at your own playstyle, will I be more successful getting a large number of kills and being extremely aggressive or will I be more successful playing more cautiously and strapping in for the long run.

Open Chests, open supply drops, open ammo crates. They all reward you with XP, it may be very insignificant but after 10 games or so you’ll find that you’ve made a whole daily challenge worth of XP just from opening stuff.

If you’re not too keen on Solo then revives can also be your best friend. They offer a fair amount of XP, so be the team player that everyone loves and go get your friends back on their feet. Bear in mind that revives obviously aren’t an option on Solo which might give you some more incentive to jump onto Squads or Duos.

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