Sea Of Thieves Forsaken Shores Guide – Devil’s Roar Commendations

Sea Of Thieves Forsaken Shores guide

The next DLC update to Sea Of Thieves has finally arrived, and its set to deliver one of the biggest updates yet. I guess it should with the update being over 5gb! The Forsaken shores update has added a host of new islands, 15 additions to be exact. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the hefty update, joined a game and set sail you’ll immediately notice some changes. Firstly you’ll see the new islands have been added to Devil’s Roar, which you’ll see is a new region on your map. These islands in the region will each have a volcano to boot, which if you’re unlucky enough to be nearby will spout lava and fireballs. Welcome to our Sea Of Thieves Forsaken Shores guide.

Our guide will give you details on all the new features that comes with the Forsaken Shores update as well as show you how to complete the new commendations – which is probably what you’re here for.

Optional venture

If you’re one of the guys or girls out there who just love to gets things 100% completed, then you’ll want to ensure you start right here. As with previous DLC updates to Sea Of Thieves you have the option of completing this lore or carry on as you were.

Step 1: Liar’s Backbone is the place you’ll want to head to first, you’ll see the new island located in the Devil’s Roar region of your map. When you arrive you need to find an odd chap on the beach using his spyglass – although we’re still not sure what he’s looking at. The pirate in question is known as Stitcher Jim and he knows everything you’ll need to know about the Devil’s Roar region. He’ll ramble on about the islands east of the region being dangerous, but you’ll find that out anyway when you get to them.

Next up, you’ll want to jump aboard again to go on the search for Captain Morrow, she resides in the Morrow’s Peak Outpost which is one of the new additions to the Sea Of thieves map. If you have trouble finding her when you get there you can find her looking rather radiant standing right outside the island’s tavern – although she looks like she’s already had a few. She’ll give you further info on the Forsaken Shores Alliance legend and what to do next.

Finally, after speaking with the Captain you’ll get ready to set off on your first main quest; sailing to five different islands to seek what’s left of the five members of the Devil’s Roar alliance. Bear in mind though you’re not looking for those in the land of the living. Please be aware, the next section contains spoilers, so if you don’t want to know too much, read on and find out the five crew mates last resting places.

Main Lore

Next up on our Sea Of Thieves Forsaken Shores guide; As you embark upon your quest to find the lifeless crew mates you would be best to take a peak at where you are on your map before you go sailing through the Devil’s Roar region.

In no particular order you’ll need to sail to each of the following five islands to find one of the five shipmates, make sure to interact with each one to learn how their fate ended.

Devil’s ThirstOld Coop can be found by visiting this island, you’ll find that disadvantaged crew member on a hill which resides to the north east of the island upon a hill.

Fetcher’s Rest – As you arrive make sure to take note of where you are on the map as you’ll need to head to the hill on the western side of the island. here you’ll find what remains of Fetcher Farley.

Ruby’s Fall – Head into the centre of the island and you’ll find Ruby Carter who looks as though she’s been swept onto the island by the tide.

Flintlock Peninsula – Poor Flintlock Bert looks like he was left here in a hurry. You’ll find him pinned up against a rock (what a way to Go) on the north side of the island around the beach area.

Forsaken Brink – Lastly, if you sail across to this island and head to the middle point you’ll find Hepzibah Jones slumped hiding under a wooden shelter – obviously trying to save himself.

You’ll receive a commendation for each island you visit, and then a further commendation for interacting with each of the dead crew members.

After you’ve completed the above, to finish off the story you’ll want to sail back ti Liar’s Backbone and speak to Stitcher Jim for some new conversation. Lastly you’ll need to head back to Morrow’s Peak Outpost and chat to Captain Morrow to hear what she has to say.

What next?

Once you’ve completed the main storyline you’re probably left thinking is that it? After you’ve accomplished the above the rest of the commendation will likely pop as you play. By completing the lore above you’ll have earned yourself the Investigation Commendation, now though there are two remaining types; Voyages and Discover.

Voyages – In order to get started with these voyage commendations you’ll need to head over to Morrow’s Peak Outpost and buy Order Of Souls and Gold Hoarder voyages. Make sure to purchase these voyages within the Devil’s Roar region as voyages purchased elsewhere won’t count towards the commendation.

Discover – these commendations are a little more straightforward in that you’ll need to sail and then step foot on each of the 15 islands that are located in the Devil’s Roar region. You’ll already have ticked off five of these if you completed the option lore.

Abandon ship!

Now you’ve done all of the above, or at least know how to complete the commendations it’s time for the fun part. You’ll have no doubt already experienced the pain of the volcanoes raining fireballs down on your ship, and even had them sink your ship at least once. If this is you then you’re going to love the newly added rowboat. The bigger ships and even sloops are pretty slow to say the least when it comes to getting out of a fiery situation, the rowboat on the other hand has speed behind it. This will prove really useful when traversing the Devil’s Roar region, and you’ll find that they spawn randomly within the new region and on usual islands too.

Within the new added features are sea-posts, these are basically like mini versions of shops that are separate from outposts, and if you manage to find a boat here it’s generally a good idea to take it back to your ship and stow it to the back for when you need it. If you’re thinking about tackling any of the commendations it would generally be a good idea to have a rowboat handy along with plenty of planks and bananas.

What’s so bad about the Devil’s Roar?

We wanted to include this in our Sea Of Thieves Forsaken Shores guide! When a volcano erupts believe us you’ll know about it. If you’re on an island you’ll see plenty of spouting geysers which will shoot you into the air causing damage as you land. If you feel the rumble you may be lucky that it’s only an earthquake, but if not it’s likely she’s ready to blow. The volcano will erupt spilling magma everywhere, boiling the sea, opening up new geysers and shooting fireballs at you or your ship – not where you want to be!

Sea Of Thieves Forsaken Shores guide – not an infinite event

The Forsaken Shores event is set to last for four weeks following its release on September 26th. Two weeks into the event the commendation will be changing so check here soon for updates as Rare release them. Good luck tackling the Devil’s Roar me hearty! And that about wraps up our Sea Of Thieves Forsaken Shores guide.

Let us know if you have further questions.

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