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While scouring the Washington D.C map in the Division 2 you’ll have been so busy hammering control points, main missions and other activities you never even noticed the Division 2 secret side missions. when we say secret what we really mean is hidden, as in they don’t show on your map until you’ve gone off the beaten track to find the person to give them to you. If you’ve done everything else then any completionist will want to know where these Division 2 secret side missions are actually located – that’s where we come in.

Division 2 secret side missions – reap the rewards

Not only do the Division 2 secret side missions provide loot drops as you’d expect, but completing them will reward you with bonuses such as weapon mods and blueprints that you won’t get elsewhere.

Garage Stash

The very first of our Division 2 secret side missions is located in the West End area after you leave the Attic safe House, take the exit to the South East before heading towards St NW from 25th. Now head in a Northern direction and you’ll come across a house made of bricks on the right with rubbish outside.

Head directly toward and through the white fence to be greeted by a pile of rubbish on fire. Head to the interior and open the door, head down the steps to stumble into another safe house with a man named Stephen Shore inside. Speak to him and the first Division 2 secret side missions location is yours.

If you complete this one you’ll get an extended magazine blueprint which fits all 45 ACP SMGs. The blueprint is called the Force Feed: 45 ACP Mag.

Missing Scavengers

Next up you’ll want to head to the Constitution Hall Archive safe house (fast travel if not nearby), once there exit through the West entry point and head up 20th St NW in a Northern direction. Ignore the resource node and then take a right turn down an alleyway just past the structure that has three US flags outside.

You should see another flag in front of you representing gay pride, take the left door next to it and there’ll be another door in the room you’ll need to open. Open it up and head right and you’ll find William Bromley next to a caravan ready to hand over your next secret side mission.

Finish this mission to be rewarded with a 3.4x C79 scope blueprint which can be used for all long top rail weapons.

Navy Hill Transmission

The third of our Division 2 secret side missions guide can unsurprisingly be located near the control point for Navy Hill (the name gave it away). Head to (or fast travel) the Truman safe house in Foggy Bottom and then take the exit to the North when you arrive. Make your way along the chain link fence to the West and there’ll be a set of gates – bust them open.

Now yo’ll need to get into the car park by mounting the grassy area nearby, you should now see a white van with a door beside it. Make your way through the door and descend the ladder to encounter Jane Applegate – who’ll provide you your  next assignment.

Finish this third mission to grab a Retro Field Uniform in  addition to a Nimble Link Belt Blueprint. The latter increase your rate of fire while the former is simply a cosmetic.

Missing Curators

Once you’re at the point of the castle settlement it’s pretty easy; take a right out of the Southern exit and you’ll spot a ramp that slops down underground on your right. Follow it along to find a guard point and some sandbags, continue through the underground area until you reach a set of doors that lead upstairs. Head up and you’ll stumble on the Curator secret mission.

Get this one of our Division 2 secret side missions guide out the way to obtain a blueprint that’ll fit nicely onto LMG’s and other belt-fed guns called Calibrated Link.

Missing Wire Scavengers

The final secret mission will see you heading to the control point for the hotel Infirmary and then heading Eastbound down Massachusetts Ave NW. Look out on your right for a driveway which will be adjacent to the Brasserie Steakhouse.

Take the driveway down and then open the door you encounter before heading left. Follow this onward until you find a rope to grapple up, and then take the ladder you find before shimmying through the broken window, You’ll encounter the final person to give you the Wire Scavenger secret mission here.

Assuming you complete it you grab a blueprint to be used on any 9mm calber muzzle – the Osprey 9 Suppressor.

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